• How to draw a plate?

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    How to draw a plate?

    Well, dear artists, here we learn how to draw a plate with a pencil. I decided to draw a plate deep, but, having looked through the stages of drawing, you will be able to regulate the volume of your plate.

    So, let's begin! We take pencils, better than different thickness and softness, each of them will solve different tasks in its own way better.

    Draw a plate using ovals.

    Draw an oval that will have to match in size and height with your plate. Towards the middle of the oval, we draw an oval horizontal line from above. The bottom line of the oval and the line crossing it almost in the middle should be absolutely similar:

    Now we draw this horizontal intersecting line beyond the edge of the oval, that is, draw a continuation to the point that coincides with the leftmost and right point of the oval:

    And then draw a solid oval, adding a second side. In addition, we draw another line inside the 2nd oval closer to the bottom line, but similarly to the top one.

    As you understand, we have already outlined the edges of the plate.But for completeness, we must circle the second oval with another oval with square left and right sides.

    Do you now find a plate in these ovals? I think yes! So, where our bottom should logically be located, we need to draw a small stand.

    We erase all the extra lines, and it turns out the plate, which can only be painted over, given the light and shadow.

    How to draw a plate

    Now you know how to draw a plate!

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