• How to draw a rainbow pony?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    September 23, 2014
    How to draw a rainbow pony?

    Cute cartoon character - Rainbow Pony Desh - fell in love with both children and adults. To draw a funny friendly horse, you will need a bit of patience and some free time. We will tell how to draw a small horse step by step, starting with the simplest lines.

    How to draw a rainbow pony: step by step instructions

    Before drawing we will solve organizational questions - we will prepare paper, an eraser and a pencil. The pencil should be hard - it will make a sketch of thin light lines, which is not difficult to correct or remove at all. After the basic part of the picture is completed and you remove all the auxiliary lines, you can use pencils with softer leads, leaving rich black lines.Pony rainbow

    1. To draw Radugu's pony in stages, first draw a circle (draw a horizontal line in the middle of it) and an oval that connects with it, tilted to the right. These will be the pony's head and torso areas.
    2. On the top of the circle, draw a funny bang of a horse and a right ear.
    3. Now mark on the face big eyes with cilia, tiny nose and mouth. Draw the eyes so that the horizontal line outlined earlier passes through the pupil almost in the middle.
    4. Draw two small folded wings below the head. Do not forget to show the characteristic features of feathers.
    5. Now it remains only to draw a body with legs and a magnificent tail.

    Our pony is ready. Erase all auxiliary lines, correct the necessary elements of the picture. If you want to draw a pony Radugu Desh in color, then use a pencil or blue paint - it is in this tone that the horse is painted in the cartoon. But make the bangs, wings and tail multi-colored. If you plan to leave the drawing in a pencil version, you can neatly shade the picture, apply shadows and make highlights in some places. Moreover, the shading will be more convenient to impose on the previously shaded with a pencil area.

    You can try to draw a rainbow pony and sideways. The principle of drawing in this case will remain the same, only you will have to draw in more detail the legs, tail and wings.

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