• How to draw a room?

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    How to draw a room?

    If you set out to learn how to draw, then everything is quite real. Almost everyone can draw. It’s just that someone in this area has some achievements, but someone has absolutely others. Let's take a look at how to paint a room with furniture in this article.

    It is necessary to take into account the fact that deleted items will appear smaller than they actually are. And, accordingly, those that are located closer - more. Use the ruler to draw perspective lines that will exit from one point and go through all objects. They will help us in creating the room.

    How to draw a room with a pencil

    • First of all, you need to draw a horizontal line to indicate the horizontal plane. Schedule a “vanishing point” on the line. Draw a little further than the corners, three lines that will converge at this point.
    • Build the fourth straight. She has to come to the point. Place the rectangle so that all its four corners are on lines converging at a point. This rectangle will be the wall of the room.You can draw a window on it.
    • Just below the ceiling, on the left wall, draw a straight line, which should also lead to the outgoing point. Between the floor line and the new line, draw two vertical lines that will become the door. Draw a rectangle on the right side. The lower right corner of this rectangle should rest against the wall. Then draw two lines that should drag from the corners of the rectangle. One on the wall and the other on the floor. Do not forget that they must cross the “vanishing point”. Between the two lines, draw one horizontal. On the right side, you should have a parallelepiped.
    • Under the window, in the middle of the sheet, place a rectangle. From the center point, directly to the table, there should be two lines, and below them a quadrilateral.
    • Using the same lines, draw a chair and a table, and on the ceiling draw an oval.
    • Finish small details. Do not forget about the window and the chandelier on the ceiling.
    • Erase all excess lines with an eraser. Then draw in the room items that you think are missing. For example, a toy or a flower pot.
    • Can be taken for coloring.

    Now you know how to draw a room.Using this method, you can draw your own room or your dream room.

    There are also many special programs for interior design and drawing rooms. They can choose the texture of furniture, walls, flooring and everything else.

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