• How to draw flowers with a pencil?

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    How to draw flowers with a pencil?

    Flowers are a beautiful image of spring, youth and beauty. Artists often depict different flowers in their paintings. Want to learn how to draw beautiful flowers? Let's learn how to draw flowers with a pencil.

    First, try to draw flowers easier.

    We draw poppies


    • Paper;
    • Pencil;
    • Eraser.

    Stages of drawing:

    1. First draw small circles -Poppythis is the middle. And around the centers we draw ovals - these will be petals. Ovals are located at different levels - one flower above, the other two - below.
    2. Next, divide the oval into four parts and make out the petals. To do this, we make very small cloves on one side of each petal. In one flower, you can slightly wrap the petal, that is, draw a slightly curved line towards the middle.
    3. Now draw the stems and sheets. The leaves should be stretched and notched on one side.

    Now you know how to draw a bunch of poppies with a pencil.

    And now let's draw more complex flowers - daffodils.

    We draw daffodils


    • Pencil;
    • Paper;We draw daffodils
    • Eraser.

    Stages of drawing:

    1. First of all, we draw three ovals at different levels.
    2. Then we draw a flower bowl. To do this, draw the letter U and a small wavy oval on top of this letter.
    3. Now, on the site of large ovals, we draw petals with curved lines.
    4. Further we draw stalks and thin narrow leaves. Leaves should be above our flowers.
    5. It remains to draw two small drops in each cup of the flower and erase the extra lines.

    Daffodils are ready.

    And now we will learn how to draw a very complex flower - a rose.

    Draw a rose


    • Paper;
    • Pencil;
    • Eraser.

    Stages of drawing:

    1. At first we draw semi-oval. Further, it should be divided into two parts - thisDraw a rosethere will be two petals.
    2. Now we draw a wavy line on top of two petals, that is, we have slightly wrapped the petals. And then draw another wavy line parallel to the first two. We have two beautiful petals.
    3. Then on the left we draw a small wavy line - this is another petal, but it is almost not visible.
    4. Next, on the right and left above the petals we have drawn, we draw more wavy lines wrapped inside.
    5. Inside we draw a bud too with wavy lines.And now we draw a lot of wavy lines on top of the bud, as well as left and right. These will be petals that are not very visible to us.
    6. Then make out the bud - draw a lot of semicircles inside the bud.
    7. Now draw a stem and pointed leaves.

    So, you learned how to draw beautiful flowers with a pencil.

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