• How to draw "Mortal Kombat"?

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    How to draw "Mortal Kombat"?

    "Mortal Kombat" has become a legend in the world of computer games. The characters of the game are hotly loved by thousands of gamers around the world. We will tell you how to quickly and simply draw "Mortal Kombat" and its logo.

    We draw "Mortal Kombat": step by step instructions

    Drawing Scorpio

    As an example, we will show how to draw a Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. In order to correctly portray this difficult-looking character, let's use the technique of geometric shapes. At the heart of the fighter's figure will be circles, ovals, smooth simple lines. Then we will combine the basic elements into a complete picture.

    1. Around mark the head of the hero.
    2. Further, alternating ovals and circles, trace the basis for future long strong arms, pumped up legs. Mark the foot. A straight horizontal line indicate the location of the shoulders.
    3. Now we will detail the drawing. Start with the head - you need to draw a massive skull, small eyes and a neat nose.
    4. Combine geometric shapes in the smooth contours of the body of Scorpio.
    5. Start drawing a character’s mask on your face that covers the lips and chin.
    6. Outline the costume.
    7. After you succeed in drawing step by step the hero of "Mortal Kombat", delete the unnecessary baselines. Leave only ready finished version of the picture.
    8. Now fill in the elements of the picture with paint or stroke it with a usual soft pencil so that the work becomes complete.

    By analogy with this, you can draw other characters from Mortal Kombat, makingMortal Kombatan amendment to the features of equipment and the structure of the figure.

    Draw a logo

    We also offer to learn how to draw the logo of the game - a fire-breathing dragon in a circle. For this:

    1. Draw two intersecting arcs that will become the axes for drawing the dragon's head.
    2. Now draw the profile of a fantasy animal with ornate lines, not forgetting the curved tongue.
    3. Continue to draw the head, adding all new and new details: eyes, a nose, a neck.
    4. When the dragon is ready, draw a circle around it.
    5. Remove all auxiliary lines and fill the circle bezel and dragon with thick black color.

    Next you can draw a pencil of your favorite characters "Mortal Kombat" - you get a beautiful story picture.

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