• How to draw words?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    September 23, 2014
    How to draw words?

    Graffiti is a very popular form of urban art today, and therefore a lot of young people dream of learning it. Maybe you try?

    Graffiti pencil

    We will need: a sheet of paper, a simple pencil, an eraser.

    So let's get started.

    1. We study styles. Graffiti, like any other kind of art, has a lot of presentation styles. Of course, you can come up with your own style at the junction of existing ones, but if you do not have a special artistic talent, it is better to first choose from the classical, but at the same time simple options. For example, Bubble, when each letter is processed by a contour similar to a bubble.Graffiti
    2. We take paper and pencil, write the desired word - this will be the “frame” of our graffiti. For example, write the word LOVE.
    3. Begin to trace the outline of each letter. If you have written the letters too closely, do not be intimidated and do not erase the sketch, start the lines one by one - so there is a greater chance that the graffiti will look like a professional job.
    4. Now erase the "frame" of our graffiti and shade it with a simple pencil. If you have a well-developed spatial imagination, you can add letters to the shadows and draw 3D effects. In the style of Bubble, the effect of glare will look very nice, as if the "bubbles" are cast in the sunlight.

    Here, in general, it's done.

    Graffiti on thick paper

    We will need: thick paper, pencil, eraser, watercolor paint.

    Let's start the work:

    1. We perform graffiti, guided by the first instruction.Graffiti
    2. We turn on the fantasy and start making your graffiti brighter. If we write the word love, we take all the colors of pink and red hues and, combining these colors, paint over the graffiti.
    3. Cut out the resulting picture. Now she can decorate something, for example, a bedroom of a young modern family.

    Learn more from the article How to draw graffiti with a pencil on paper.

    Graffiti spray paint

    We will need: plain paper, pencil, eraser, drywall, spray paint.

    We act:

    1. Perform graffiti on plain paper, guided by the first instruction, and cut it.
    2. We superimpose the resulting stencil on the plasterboard base and paint it with spray paint.
    3. All! If you can also cut out the resulting picture, you get a full-fledged decor element.

    Creative success to you!

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