• How to dress a cat?

    Olga Izvekova
    Olga Izvekova
    March 21, 2013
    How to dress a cat?

    Unlike dogs, cats do not like clothes. This is due to the fact that according to the instincts of the cat must constantly lick their fur, and clothing prevents them from doing so. Therefore, cats do not dress often. However, the breed of cats, which has virtually no fur, you must be sure to wear, especially in the cool season. Also in the cold season, dressed cats, accustomed to walking on a leash on the street.

    The main criterion in choosing clothes for a cat should be its convenience for the animal. Clothing should not be too tight or hamper movement. So, what clothes to wear a cat?

    • Most often, cats are dressed in knitted sweaters covering the front legs, back and abdomen, while leaving the back of the body free. Such clothes do not prevent the animal from using the tray at any time convenient for him and the cat can walk in it for quite a long time. A sweater is put on over the head, the front legs are pushed into the sleeves.
    • If the apartment is very cold or you have to go outside with a cat in the cold, you can wear a jumpsuit covering the whole body. For sphinxes, you can use overalls with hoods that cover the head of the animal. However, due to the fact that in such clothes cats can not cope with natural need, it is not worth putting it on for a long time.
    • Comfortable clothing is a blanket, which is a flap of fabric with four holes for the paws. Paws are threaded into the holes, after which they are fastened to the ties on the back of the blanket or fastened with a zipper. As a result, the entire body of the cat is closed.

    However, it is not enough to choose clothes, you still need to properly put them on the animal. How to dress a cat?

    • To accustom a cat to clothing should be from early childhood. Best of all with a collar and a short vest, the length of which should be gradually increased. However, the collar should not be too tight or too loose - a finger should easily slip under it. In addition, the fastener should be such that it would easily open when jerking. This will save the life of your pet if he is caught by the collar somewhere.
    • Do not put on a cat just bought clothes. Let her sniff it, lie down on it. If the clothes smell her, the cat will not resist so much when she is dressed.
    • An adult cat should be taught to dress gradually, dressing it for a short time and encouraging the animal to caress or treat it.

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