• How to drink Baileys?

    Liquor Beilis is famous for its creamy taste. The basis of Baileys are cream and Irish whiskey. This gentle and soft liqueur is adored by many people from all over the world. He won the love of our country. Still, this liquor has foreign roots, so Russia often wonders how to drink Beilis liquor correctly.

    Rules for the use of Baileys liqueur

    1. So, you can drink Baileys in pure form, with ice or as part of a cocktail. Baileys liqueur is often added to savory coffee. It perfectly replaces sugar, cream, and also gives a wonderful aroma to your coffee.
    2. If you prefer to drink Baileys in its pure form, then it should be served in small stacks with a wide top.
    3. How to decorate such a drink, you will be prompted by fantasy. Interesting decoration will be in the form of chocolate chips, banana slices, strawberries.
    4. Many prefer to add ice to Baileys. To do this, you need to throw three ice cubes in low glasses and then pour 50 ml of Baileys liquor there. In addition, you can mix in a blender 2 large ice cubes and 50 ml of Beilis, then gently pour the drink into tall glasses, and sprinkle cocoa powder over the liquor. In this form, it is customary to drink liquor from small martini glasses.
    5. You can not mix Baileys with carbonated drinks, otherwise the liquor will be curtailed, as it is based on cream. Also, it is not recommended to mix this liquor with fruit juices with the exception of citrus fruits, as this combination will be unpleasant.

    What to drink Baileys liqueur, or rather mix it up - is a separate question. You can surprise your friends with the help of cocktails on the basis of Baileys. The most popular cocktails based on Baileys are "B-52", "Orgasm", "Brain haemorrhage". We describe the preparation of other unique cocktails based on Baileys liqueur.

    How to drink Baileys in a cocktail

    • Cocktail Baileys Chocolatini attracts with its attractive taste and aroma. To make it, mix in a shaker ice cubes, 50 ml of Baileys liqueur, 15 ml of chocolate liqueur and 10 ml of vodka. Use martini glasses for a drink. A cocktail in the form of grated chocolate will complete the image of the cocktail. This cocktail is so chocolate that it will satisfy even the most fastidious chocolate lover.
    • The playful taste of Irish martini with Baileys liqueur will definitely appeal to you and your guests. How to drink Baileys in this combination? Prepare martini glasses in advance.In a shaker, place the ice cubes and 50 ml of Beilis. Then add 20 ml of Irish whiskey and 10 ml of cold coffee. Let the coffee be strong. Then shake the mixture vigorously in a shaker. The main thing is to gently pour the drink in a glass to preserve such beauty.
    • Cocktail called "T-55" should be drunk quickly, so it must be prepared in a small pile. Pour 20 ml of Kahlua liqueur with the first layer, then, using a cocktail spoon, pour 20 ml of Beilis, and 20 ml of vodka will flow in a third layer. This drink will have a bitter-sweet taste. Kahlua liqueur will add bitterness, and the delicate sweet taste will be given to the famous Baileys liqueur.

    We will explain why it is correct to call the Beilis liqueur, and not Beylize. The production of Baileys liqueur was started by the company "Bailey & Сo". Accordingly, Bailey’s liqueur will be called baileys and the last letter of its name will be pronounced with the sound “c”.

    Why drink Baileys

    In addition, how to drink Baileys, you need to know and with what to use it. Russian people are accustomed to the fact that on their table, besides the alcoholic drink, there were also treats in the form of snacks.

    • As a snack to the liqueur Baileys perfect strawberry.Strawberries with cream - an elegant combination that is so common among representatives of different cultures.
    • From baking fit light fresh mini croissants.
    • Marshmallow and cottage cheese soufflé can also be used as an appetizer to Baileys liqueur.
    • If you serve coffee and ice cream to the liquor, then you definitely cannot go wrong.
    • In general, it is customary to serve liquor for dessert, that is, without any snacks.

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