• How to drink brandy?

    Cognac is popular with men for its strong taste, severity and rich aroma. It is not for nothing that it is customary to present a good expensive brandy to a man as a gift. Famous men of the whole world preferred brandy. What kind of brandy drank Churchill, for example? A politician, a writer Sir Winston Churchill is an example to follow for individual people even now. His taste was only Armenian cognac. Stalin, on the other hand, preferred Georgian brandy ("Eniseli", "Ks", "OS"). These brands of cognac can be found on sale until now. Cognac has a rich history and many myths about its appearance. All this requires respect for certain traditions of its use.

    The atmosphere - how to drink brandy

    A significant role in the use of brandy is the situation. To properly drink brandy, you need to start loving him and with pleasure follow all the rules of his drinking. Let it be evening, the muffled light is burning, the soft music is playing, the conversations of people are heard. When the atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility reigned in the room, it was time to relax and enjoy a welcome drink.Do not rush, brandy is designed for a quiet atmosphere and spiritual conversations.

    What glasses drink brandy

    To follow the tradition of the use of brandy, do not neglect the rules regarding the dishes. Only two types of glasses can be used under brandy. According to experts in this field, the best solution is to have glasses on a low leg with a bowl of tulip shape. Glasses for brandy choose from a thin transparent glass. In this dish brandy is poured completely. But often people choose globular glasses, which is also considered correct. In such large glasses you can pour brandy only three-quarters. You can drink brandy only from these glasses, because the aroma of the drink lasts longer in them. If an inexperienced brandy lover pours it into a wide-toed wine glass, he will miss the whole aromatic bouquet of brandy.

    At what temperature can you drink brandy

    Cognac is a wine drink. It can not be compared with vodka, so throwing ice in brandy will be an unforgivable mistake. Cognac does not require cooling, it should be served at room temperature (16 °). Connoisseurs of cognac warm it with a warm hand, holding a glass in his hand and looking at the surface and color of the drink.

    Basic rules - how to drink brandy

    When a person chose a setting, prepared glasses for this fire drink, he is ready to drink brandy. To begin with, we will take a glass of brandy in our hand and look at its surface, not slowly rinsing a drink in our hand. We will not be fooled; we will determine the age of brandy by its hue. The light straw color speaks of the brandy's youth, we will give it about three years. Cognac older in its age will have a straw yellow or golden hue. Well, and aged, old cognac will have a fiery red hue.

    It's time to feel the aroma of cognac. Real cognac will change its flavor with your every breath. Having breathed in for the first time, you can feel the fruit or flower composition. Shaking slightly and breathing in a second time, one usually feels a heavier fragrance.

    It's time to take the first small sip of brandy. Do not rush to drink brandy. You can hold a small amount of the drink on the tongue and slowly swallow it, feeling the taste to the smallest detail.

    Cognac can be drunk with coffee, chocolate, cigar. The coffee flavor perfectly combines XO cognac, for chocolate, take VSOP or XO. There is also a special cigar brandy, it is appropriate for smoking a cigar, respectively.

    Mix brandy is allowed only with sparkling water or tonic. Ice should be added to this drink.The correct proportions are important for a pleasant drink: mix 20 ml of brandy and 60 ml of tonic.

    Good evening to you!

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