• How to drip eyes?

    Everything happens sometime for the first time, for example, many have to bury in the eyes for the first time. From how and how well you put the medicine, even its therapeutic effect depends. Therefore, it is very important to know how to bury the drops in the eye and with what frequency. After all, if you do it wrong, the drops will not fall on the mucous membrane of the eye and the desired effect will not, besides, you need to know about the frequency of instillation of the drug in the eye.

    How to dig in eyes: rules

    • Never rub the inflamed eyes with the inside of your finger. This way you can bring bacteria into the eye. Therefore, before you drop the eyes, wash your hands thoroughly and wash your eyes. Wipe them with a napkin, handkerchief, cotton pad, so that this improvised tool was disinfected.
    • Often drops drip down on the person to whom they are buried, as well as on his clothes. To prevent this from happening, under the finger that pulls back the eyelid, put a piece of cotton or cotton pad.
    • Head should be thrown back, pull the lower eyelid with a finger and look up.Put a few drops in the space in the inner corner of the eye near the lower eyelid.
    • It is better if the bubble with drops does not touch the eyelids and eyelashes. It is safer to bury your eyes with a pipette.
    • Close the eye that has just been dripped, blot it with a handkerchief or cotton pad.
    • Do not open your eyes yet. Lightly press on the area of the inner eye and hold your fingers for some time. Thus, you will increase the effectiveness of the drops and reduce the likelihood of side effects. Here's how to properly drop eyes.

    We bury the eyes of a child

    Everything is simple with adults. But how to instill the eyes of a child, especially capricious? The task is not easy. In fact, it is necessary to perform all the same actions. But some children absolutely do not like being buried in their eyes. In this case, the baby needs to be held. One person holds, the other performs all the actions described above. Some try persuasion and explanations. And not everything helps; the most effective way is to force a burying.

    We give a detailed instruction on how to properly drop eyes, if the child categorically refuses, and the procedure is mandatory:

    • Wash your hands. Prepare everything you need.
    • Try to talk with your child first.Explain to him that you need to be patient and that this is very important. If it worked out, go to step 4. If nothing happened, outwit your child. Promise him candy, a toy, a new blouse, if he behaves well. Next, go to step 4. Did not work? Call someone. Husband, mother, sister, girlfriend, neighbor. Let someone hold the baby, and in the meantime you will go to point 3.
    • Wipe hands with a damp, clean cloth or, while holding the child, quickly rinse them with water and disinfectant.
    • Put the baby on the bed. Let his head hold. Pipette the medicine, move the lower eyelid, and drip the eye. Do not let your child twirl his head. It is not necessary to pinch the eye, the child will blink himself.

    Drops often tingle the eyes, especially if they are severely inflamed. Therefore, do not prohibit the child to close them after prokapyvaniya. In order not to torture a child with a violent burying, it would be better if you replace the eye drops with an ointment. The ointment is squeezed out with the help of the built-in pipette, and it spreads on the eye itself - the therapeutic effect is the same as from drops.

    Adults better to drop eye drops, for children it is better to use ointment.Before you drip anything into your eyes, especially a child, you should definitely consult an ophthalmologist.

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