• How to eliminate the creak of the floor?

    Wooden floor can be found in many houses, because the tree is environmentally friendly and durable. However, after a certain time, the floor may begin to squeak during operation. It is important to identify the cause of such a problem and fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the floor will quickly become unusable. Let us dwell on how to eliminate the creak of the floor.

    Determining the cause of floor squeak

    The first step is to check the quality of the lag. After all, if they become useless, they will need to be completely replaced. To make sure that the reason is in them, you need to dismantle several boards and check how lags are worn out.

    However, most often the squeak of the floor occurs due to the movement of the boards in relation to each other, as well as due to their swelling or drying out. There are several options for eliminating such a problem. Consider each of them in detail.

    Wooden wedges

    Applying wedges in the friction of boards is very effective - they help to completely get rid of the squeak.To work to resolve this problem, you will need to prepare the following:

    • a hammer,
    • wooden wedges
    • A small piece of metal bar.

    Having prepared everything you need, you can proceed directly to the work. They provide for driving wedges into the cracks in the floor in increments of 20 cm. But it is important to ensure that they do not protrude beyond the floor level, otherwise the surface will be uneven and it will be uncomfortable to walk on.

    Talc or graphite powder

    As a rule, the underfloor space has a height of not more than 9 cm. Therefore, during the mini-repair, aimed at eliminating the creaking of the wooden floor, it is possible to use technical talc. As its alternative, you can use graphite powder. Any of these materials should be plentifully poured into the cracks between the boards. Then the boards must be tapped with a hammer, if necessary, add talcum powder or powder. As a result of such works a kind of pillow will be created.

    Polyurethane foam

    To eliminate squeak caused by the movement of boards, more and more often use mounting foam. It is also poured into the cracks. After drying, it expands and provides the wooden floor with the necessary rigidity, and also eliminates the friction of the boards.However, remember that the mounting foam at high operating loads quickly enough and collapses. Therefore, after a certain period it will again be necessary to carry out a mini-repair.

    Plywood sheets

    If the wooden floor has a smooth surface, then sheets of plywood can help to remove the creaking of the floor. But they should be 12 or more millimeters thick. Only then will the effectiveness of their use be high. To carry out this work you will need:

    • PVC glue;
    • wide brush;
    • plywood sheets;
    • building level;
    • hacksaw or saw.

    Begin to lay the plywood at an angle to the direction of the main masonry boards. Sheets fixed to glue. Glue must be applied to the entire surface of the plywood, which will ensure its excellent adhesion to the wooden surface. But remember that it will be possible to walk on the laid sheets only in a few days, otherwise they will shift.

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