• How to enable cookies?

    Cookies are files that store user information. This information includes data for user authentication, as well as his personal settings. The inclusion of cookies allows the user to enter websites without regularly entering passwords, and without the need for constant changes in the settings of the site interface (theme, message filters, etc.). In this article we will look at how to enable cookies for various browsers.

    How to enable cookies in Chrome

    To enable cookies in Google Chrome, do the following:

    1. Click on the menu icon.
    2. Select "Settings".
    3. Then click on the link “Show advanced settings”.
    4. In the "Personal Information" section click "Content Settings"
    5. In the "Cookies" box, check the box next to "Allow to save local data."
    6. Click OK.

    How to enable cookies processing in Yandex

    To enable the processing of cookies in the Yandex Browser, you need to click the "menu" button of the browser settings. In the settings, select "Show advanced". Next, a block called “Privacy Protection” will open.In this block you need to select the "Content Settings". Set cookie processing options. Click finish.

    How to enable cookies in Opera

    To enable cookies in Opera, you need to go to the browser menu. The menu icon is located in the upper left corner. Next you need to select the "Settings", then "General Settings". In the new window, select "Settings". Then go to the tab "Advanced". In this menu there is a “Cookies” item that you need to select by clicking the left mouse button. Opposite the item put a checkmark "Accept cookies".

    How to enable cookies in Mozilla

    1. Select the menu item “Tools” and then go to the “Settings” section.
    2. Next you need to go to the "Privacy" tab.
    3. Then, in the “History” block, select “use storage settings” and “Accept cookies from sites” in the “Cookies” block. Please note that you need to check the box to receive files from third-party sites. In all blocks, click OK to apply the changes.

    How to enable cookies in IE

    In the explorer, enabling cookies is as easy as with other browsers.

    To do this, select "Internet Options" in the menu, then go to the "Privacy" tab and reduce the level of privacy.To do this, simply move the slider down.

    How to enable cookies in Safari

    To enable cookies in Safari, in the main menu, go to “Edit”, then go to the settings and open the “Security” menu. There you need to put in front of "Accept cookies" option "Always."

    As you can see, there are many similarities in these methods. All of them are simple to implement and do not require any knowledge from the user. However, remember that handling cookies may affect the performance of some websites negatively. In particular, some of them specifically notify about the disabling of the cookeis processing in order to establish the correct operation of the resource.

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