• How to explain father behavior

    Do not worry about the fact thatbehavioryour cavalier does not match the perfect idea of ​​him. Men are still less emotional creatures, and while the expectant mother imagines how she will decorate the nursery, the father calculates in her mind what the child will cost you and what you will have to give up. And you have to limit yourself in many things. This does not mean that the father is not happy with his unborn child. Just wait a bit, he will soon come to terms with this thought and become directly involved in your pregnancy.
    The vast majority of women love for the child laid on a biological level. Even while the baby is in her womb, the mother already adores him. For fathers, the situation is somewhat different. At the stage of pregnancy, they are mainly proud of their ability to create offspring, and only when the child is born and grows up a little, do they penetrate to him with sincere feelings. Be patient: a happy loving family is ahead of you.
    Many men perceive the child as a threat to their personal well-being. Indeed, before the appearance of the baby, the main thing in your life was he, and after the child is born, the overwhelming part of your attention will go to the newborn son or daughter. Try to dispel these fears of the future during pregnancy.father's. More often remind him how you love him, arrange romantic dinners and trips out of town. And try not to talk about the child round the clock - it will only confirm the fears of your spouse.
    May worry the futurefather'sand the fact that after giving birth it will become your only source of income. Show the man that first of all you treat him as a tender lover, and you will always have this attitude, despite the number of children that you will have in the future. It will dispel fears.father'sand strengthen your relationship.

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