• How to find a city phone?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    April 29, 2015
    How to find a city phone?

    Sometimes it is necessary to find out the city phone number of an individual or organization.

    It is not so easy to do this, as some services work in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” (152 - FZ). In the article we will try to figure out how and by what means you can find out a landline phone.

    Phone Number Lookup

    If you want to know the phone number of an individual or a particular organization, you can use various options:

    • city ​​inquiry services;
    • online services;
    • telephone directories;
    • "Yellow pages".

    City reference services

    The easiest way is to contact the city help desk. For information, you must specify the name of the person and address (if you know such information). This way you can find out the city phone number. For example, residents of Moscow can get the necessary information about organizations by the number +8 (499) 703-0-222 (reference Maximum-Info).You can also contact the reference number 09. If you need to call from a mobile phone, you should use the number 009, but in this case, the certificate will be paid. The initial cost is 30 rubles.

    It is worth noting that each city has its own reference service, information about which is on the site.

    Online services

    If you can not reach the telephone service, then you should find a suitable option among the online services. Muscovites and residents of other regions can get such information on the site. Suitable sites can be found on the network, indicating the appropriate city.

    Also, do not forget about social networks (VKontakte, Facebook), in which users often leave their data, including phone numbers, both mobile and urban. Having glanced on their page, it is possible to obtain the necessary data.

    Telephone directories

    It is not necessary to exclude the use of printed telephone directories, which can be purchased at communication centers. Knowing the name and address of the person, you can find his phone number, if, of course, this information is recorded in the book.

    "Yellow Pages"

    This service allows you to easily find out the address of the organization you need.Search is available on the site. Having registered the name of the organization you need, you will receive a list of organizations with the same name where you can choose the option that suits you. In addition, there is an advanced search option on the site, where, in addition to the name, you can also specify the city to search for, which in many cases speeds up the search.

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