• How to find online traffic police tickets

    You will need
    • - access to the Internet.
    Go to the resource "Examination traffic rules Online 2011-2012." You will see a window with a list of tickets, grouped by topic. Each ticket contains 10 questions. After you open any of them, the timer will start running, counting down the time for your answers in this group. If you doubt the correctness of your answer or do not know it, turn on the option “hints”. Also in this program, you can download the “3D Instructor” program, which provides preparation for the SDA exam. In addition, at this resource, you can choose the following modes of testing knowledge: "Pass the traffic police exam 2012", "Pass the traffic rules marathon", "Rules of the road traffic on the topics."
    Open the website "Examination traffic rules Online 2011-2012." Here you can take an online test on all or only on certain topics of the rules of the road, by ticking the items of interest. Also, this resource provides an opportunity to get acquainted with questions, answers and comments to all the exam tickets of the traffic regulations of the Russian Federation.The site contains a lot of useful materials on other additional issues relating to the organization of traffic.
    Use the training resource "traffic rules 2012 traffic rules online." Presented on the tickets in its content fully correspond to the official for 2012.
    On the Internet there are many sites similar to the above. Enter the appropriate search query, and a large number of relevant links will open before you. Choose the most suitable resource for you, evaluating its usability. Pay attention to the relevance of educational materials: in the rules of the road there are often various changes and therefore you need to choose the most recent documents.

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