• How to finish school?

    Completion of school is an important stage in a person's life, because it is the school that gives us initial knowledge and is the foundation for further education and development. Therefore, the question of how to finish school is relevant for many people. Someone wants to finish school as an external student, someone with a gold or silver medal, and someone just wants to leave school walls as soon as possible.


    Some people want to save time and not go to school, but still pass exams and be able to get further education. We learn how to finish school externally. Previously, for training an external student, some special reasons were needed: long trips of parents, illness. But today, no reason is required, anyone can exercise the right to external membership. As a rule, these are high school students who have already decided on a future university and are engaged in preparing for admission to it. Anyone can take an external course, regardless of his age - this is stated in the Federal Law "On Education".To go to external studies, you need to write an application addressed to the principal, if you are under the age of 18, you will have to invite parents.

    Types of externalities

    There is an opportunity to finish both free externality and paid intensive training. Any school should provide free external studies, but the terms of study are not reduced. The student has:

    • the right to borrow the necessary educational literature in the school�s library;
    • receive consultations before the exam (2 hours for each subject);
    • attend practical and laboratory classes;
    • take part in contests, competitions and centralized testing.

    Intensive paid services may be offered by schools that are licensed to provide additional educational services on a fee basis. At the same time, a two-year program of 10-11 grades is studied in one year, and a program of only eleventh grade is held in four and a half months. Therefore, the question of what time they finish school cannot be answered unambiguously. Usually this age ranges from 17 to 18 years, but in the case of an externality, it can be reduced. The main disadvantage of external education is the lack of communication with a classmate.A person who graduated from high school as an external student is unlikely to have vivid memories of the last call and graduation. But for some, this drawback is irrelevant.

    How to become a medalist

    Some schoolchildren want to get from the school not only knowledge, a certificate and pleasant memories, but also a medal - gold or silver. Of course, the content of precious metals there is not very large, but it can be shown off to friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, the medal does not provide any benefits for admission to a university or to work. It is difficult to finish school with a gold medal, but it is quite possible - for this you need to study "excellent" in the last years of study.

    Of course, it is better to do this throughout the entire course of study - this will allow to gain the authority of teachers and not to launch some subject. After all, it is very difficult to make up for lost time in a few years. It is important to discuss your desire with teachers - perhaps they will meet you and explain the conditions necessary for obtaining a medal.

    Finish school with a minimum of effort.

    Of course, not everyone wants to be a medalist or to study in external studies. Such people want to get a certificate and say goodbye to the school in order to enter further life. Therefore, they are unlikely to take an active part in school life.The man who finished school - what kind of education will he get? His education will be considered secondary, he can continue his studies and receive both higher and secondary special education.

    To finish school without problems, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    • do not conflict with teachers,
    • help them as needed in school life (for example, sports or creative activities)
    • and, nevertheless, at least occasionally, but to learn. After all, no one will give marks only for good behavior, and if you finish school with �deuces�, then instead of a certificate you will be given only a certificate.

    In this article, we told you how to finish school and what you need to do to do this. Hopefully this will allow you to get exactly the education you need.

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