• How to fix laminate to the wall

    You will need
    • - knife or scissors,
    • - carpenter square,
    • - ruler
    • - expansion wings,
    • - pencil,
    • - hacksaw.
    Before starting work bought by youlaminateunpack and leave for 48 hours indoors at room temperature. First, the boards must acclimatize to the humidity and temperature of the air in the room where it is planned to mount them.
    Prepare the surface - level the walls with starter plaster so that the errors do not exceed a few millimeters, and then let them dry out for several days. Repel the verticals and diagonals tolaminatelay on the walls as smooth as possible, and his plates after installation would not be skewed. If the corners in the room are uneven, file the panels a littlelaminatea, installed in the side rows, in accordance with the shape of the wall according to the measurements you made.
    Further mountlaminatetothe walldepends on the type of finishing material.Fix the glue on the glue specially designed for it, and the locking gluelaminate- on liquid nails. In the latter case, if the liquid nails do not suit you, use a special fastener designed for MDF panels. If you purchasedlaminatewith locks, gently attach to the treatedthe walllining, best cork interlayer. When using gluelaminateand on the wall this action is not required. Regardless of the type of material, be sure to carefully measure the length of the end panel, precisely filing it according to the size you require.
    With this gluelaminatejust apply on the wall, smeared with the previously prepared solution, and the castle stripslaminateand gently raise to connect the board already installed with the panel of the next row by means of the provided lock. You can installlaminateon the wall and in the simplest way possible - first create a wooden wall covering with the help of slats, and then just nail the stripes with thin nailslaminatea. But remember that this technique will significantly reduce the area of ​​your room, and even the caps of the carnations can be conspicuous when using a material of light shades.

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