• How to flash iPhone?

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    How to flash iPhone?

    Every day Apple products are gaining more and more popularity among consumers in the global market. Most of its devices are loved by users for their ease of use, stylish design and excellent functionality, which allows you to fully enjoy all the benefits of modern technology.

    In 2007, Apple began producing one of the most popular smartphones in the world - the iPhone. It differed from analogs in an innovative finger-oriented interface, which allowed controlling the device without a stylus, a metal case and a capacitive touchscreen (while competitors used less durable resistive sensors). The company quickly got a huge number of fans who liked the iPhone.

    Despite the fact that this device from Apple is a smartphone, using the iPhone is very simple. The process of operation is not much different from a regular phone with advanced functionality. All settings can be "tailored" for themselves in a few minutes.But despite this, this device may fail due to software or hardware failures. If this happens, then you need to perform a flashing to restore the smartphone.

    How to flash iPhone using computer?

    If your smartphone is working properly, but you want to restore the original state of its OS or update it, then you will need:

    • Original USB cable (preferably not a Chinese copy). Very often, non-original USB can only be used to charge or exchange data with a computer, while during the firmware they may fail.
    • If your smartphone is “locked” under any operator, then you need its SIM card to unlock the device (or, which is used in such cases).
    • High speed internet.
    • Laptop or computer with uninterruptible power supply. If during the firmware turn off the light, the device may hang at one of the stages and stop functioning correctly, so it is desirable to ensure the smooth operation of the PC.
    • Installed on the computer proprietary software.ITunes can be used by Apple, after which it must be installed on a PC.
    • Charge the device at least 50 percent before starting the firmware.

    There are 2 ways to flash your smartphone: using repair or software update. In the first case, all user data is deleted from the device, and it is flashed to the latest OS version available on the Apple server (this method is more preferable, since it allows to avoid the appearance of "glitches" in the operation of the device). In the second case, all user data remains in place, and only the memory section with the operating system is updated to the software. In this case, you will need a separate firmware file.

    Firmware device using the function "Restore"

    If you want to restore the iPhone, then first make a backup of all the data. To do this, you can use the iCloud cloud service (just go to the device’s settings, select iCloud, go to the “Backup” section and click “Create Backup”) or iTunes (connect the device to the computer via USB, in the window that opens, go to “Overview” tab, check “Create backup on this PC” and click “Create backup”).

    The process of flashing the device:

    1. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB and wait until the drivers are installed.
    2. After that, unlock the iPhone and confirm on it that you trust this PC;
    3. Next, you need to open iTunes, if it does not start after connecting the device;
    4. Now go to the “Overview” tab and click the “Restore” button;
    5. After that, we agree that all data will be erased, we await the completion of the download and installation of the firmware;
    6. After the firmware is completed, click on the “Restore from a copy” button on the “Overview” tab and select the backup created earlier.

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