• How to flash tuner?

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    How to flash tuner?

    To improve the performance of the tuner, many users prefer to flash the device. This process involves updating the data in the software. Thanks to the manipulation, you can expand the list of channels, as well as gain access to new features of the tuner.

    How to flash tuner using computer

    The most common way to flash a tuner involves the presence of a computer or laptop.

    The next step is to find on the Internet a program for flashing the tuner of your model, as well as the firmware file itself.

    1. Connect the computer and the tuner via an RS232 cable (null-modem connection). Please note that the receiver must be turned off and disconnected from the power supply.
    2. Run the loader program for your device model.
    3. In the window that opens, select the desired port and the option "Record".
    4. Then click the "Connect" button.
    5. Turn on the tuner to the network.
    6. Next, select "All Chunk".
    7. Select the firmware file and click the "Next" button.
    8. In automatic mode, the recording of the firmware in the memory of the tuner starts.Do not disconnect the device from the network at this time.
    9. Upon completion of the process, the corresponding message appears on the screen that the download is complete. In automatic mode, the receiver should reboot, and then the channel number will be displayed.
    10. Turn off the receiver and unplug the device. Unplug the cable.

    How to flash tuner with another tuner

    If the user does not have access to the computer, you can use the already tuned tuner of the same brand to transfer data to a personal receiver. Bootloader versions must be identical.

    This method involves two stages. The first is the firmware from the tuner to the tuner (i.e. copying software). The second stage - copying the settings and the list of channels.

    1. Connect the two devices through an RS232 cable (null modem connection). In this operation, both tuners must be in the off state (including disconnected from the power supply).
    2. Next, turn on the tuned receiver to the network (from which the copying process will take place).
    3. Put the tuner into software transfer mode. If "Soft" appears on the screen, then the device is ready for further action.
    4. Then turn on the second tuner (which you want to flash).
    5. Then, in the automatic mode, the firmware will be recorded from the tuner to the tuner. At the end of the process on one device the inscription "End" (from which the copying was carried out) will be highlighted. The message “Lang” or the channel number will appear on the second tuner.
    6. Now it is necessary to carry out the process of copying the settings. In case you do not need this operation, turn off the power to the devices and disconnect the tuners. Otherwise, put the receiver into standby.
    7. Then the tuned tuner (from which you copied the firmware) must be transferred to the transfer mode settings. "Data" should appear on the screen.
    8. Switch the second device to receive settings.
    9. Further, in the automatic mode, the data transfer process will occur.
    10. At the end of the procedure, a window with the words "End" will appear on the screen of the receiver from which the transmission was made. The screen of the second device will show the channel number.
    11. Then you must turn off the devices, disconnect them from the power supply and disconnect the cable.

    How to flash tuner using flash drive

    In addition, it is possible to carry out the firmware process via a USB-drive, which will contain the firmware file (if the device has a corresponding input).

    1. Insert the USB flash drive into the included tuner.
    2. Using the receiver's menu, select "Software Update".
    3. Open the boot file.
    4. Next, the copying process will be performed automatically and the device will be rebooted.
    5. At the end of the action, click on the safe removal of the flash drive.

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