• How to fold the boat out of paper

    How to fold the boat out of paperThe technique of origami, which is traditionally considered Japanese and in the land of the rising sun is called the art of whole leaf, first appeared in ancient China. Initially, it performed religious functions, and in the 20th century became especially popular in the West. The main rule is not to remove or add anything superfluous, no scissors and glue.
    Learning to fold paper boats is the dream of every child. The diagram below will help you fold a nice little ship out of paper from just one sheet of paper within a few minutes. Such a simple master class diversifies your leisure time, it is especially good for outdoor games, near reservoirs.

    Step by step instructions with photos


    1. A sheet of A4 size or any other rectangle must be folded in half in width, then unbend and do the same length to outline the fold lines.
      Tip: in general, you can take any sheet - you just need to remember that the more it is in size, the bigger the boat you will get.If there is a desire to get something original, not similar to others, use double-sided colored paper, as well as paper with an ornament.
    2. Expand the sheet with the marked folds and bend it only horizontally, while the vertical fold will divide your workpiece in half.
    3. Fold the top corners, leaving about 2.5 -3.5 cm space at the bottom. Ensure that the corners lie flat with respect to the intended vertical crease.How to fold the boat out of paper
    4. Fold the bottom of the paper on both sides up to the top corner. The blank will look like a paper hat.How to fold the boat out of paper
    5. On one side of the so-called “hat,” the right angles of the lower part, protruding beyond the limits of the triangle, bend inward on each side so that an equilateral triangle is obtained.
    6. Take the workpiece in the center and stretch so that it is transformed into a square - fold the bottom corners of the triangle onto each other.How to fold the boat out of paper
    7. Then bend one corner up first, and then perform the same manipulation with the back side of the workpiece.How to fold the boat out of paper
    8. Again open the lower part of the triangle and turn it into a square as indicated in the sixth paragraph.How to fold the boat out of paper
    9. Now grab the ends of the upper corners and gently stretch them to the side - the middle of the boat will open.In order for the ship to keep well on the water, leave these little corners up a little, that is, do not stretch the figure to the end - save some volume.How to fold the boat out of paper
    10. Fill a small container with water and let your creation float.How to fold the boat out of paper


    Some additional tips


    1. Make a few ships of different colors and sizes - and you will have a whole fleet.
    2. To keep your boats out of the water, use waterproof paper or aluminum foil.

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