• How to forgive yourself?

    It is often easier to forgive another person for the pain than to forgive himself for the deed. Sometimes the feeling of guilt interferes with living and enjoying life, leaning heavily. How to forgive yourself - we will tell in the article.

    How to forgive yourself: algorithm of actions

    Awareness of their problems

    First of all, it is necessary to realize that, alas, to go back and fix everything will not work. Therefore it is required to come to terms with what happened.


    If you hurt some person, then, first of all, make sure that the offended person forgives you. Realize the mistake and sincerely ask for forgiveness. You may have to re-gain confidence. But, having made these actions, it will become easier for you.

    Self talk

    Talk to yourself. To forgive yourself, you must convince yourself that you deserve forgiveness. The main thing here is not to confuse self-justification with self-forgiveness. Justifying yourself, you avoid responsibility for the act committed, and forgiving yourself you admit guilt.


    Write yourself a letter.It is necessary to write by hand, describing the problem as much as possible, your experiences and solutions. Having poured out your soul on paper, it will become much easier for you. If the long-awaited relief does not come, reread the letter and rewrite if you wish. After you come to your senses - destroy the writing.

    Error analysis and problem solving

    Direct your energy not at self-destruction, but at analyzing the perfect mistake. Consider, and it is better to write down how you can compensate for your deed by replacing the blame with action. Perhaps, having done some useful things, you not only forgive yourself, but also look at your changes with pride.

    Life lesson

    Accept the fact that they learn from mistakes. Any negative experience can be considered as an important life lesson. Realize your mistake and promise yourself not to commit it in the future.

    It is human nature to make mistakes, which means that you should not get hung up on your mistakes, if they do not harm others.

    Also, forgiving yourself, remember that getting rid of feelings of guilt is not an excuse for your actions, but an acquisition of freedom and liberation from negative feelings and experiences.

    Pardon yourself for thinking

    If you are trying to forgive yourself not for the act committed, but for thoughts, then analyze the source of your judgments. Use the same method of writing and describe in detail why some thoughts or other do not give you peace of mind. Read the writing and try to find an excuse for the words, and also think about how you can change your thoughts.


    If your own beliefs can not help you forgive yourself - use auto-training - a special technique that can affect your feelings. Auto-training program can be selected using the Internet.

    Specialist assistance

    If the situation is such that you can not cope with the problem and forgive yourself, then do not hesitate to contact a specialist. An experienced psychologist will help to cope with your illness much faster and without prejudice to your emotional state.

    Why forgive yourself

    Unforgiven resentment not only torment the soul, but also negatively add up to health, as well as interfere with career and personal life.

    • It is necessary to learn to forgive, first of all, in order to get rid of the accumulated negative energy;
    • Forgive yourself, you will get rid of anger and aggression.Otherwise, the way out of negative emotions can be people around you or your family. Without realizing it, you will fall every day with your loved ones;
    • In addition, anger falls on your inner state: you become isolated and succumb to depression or apathy;
    • By forgiving yourself, you will also get rid of the guilt that can negatively affect your self-esteem.

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