• How to gather people?

    The activity of a businessman is always connected with the need to sell. This requires buyers who would come at the right time at the right place. Therefore, it is very important to know how to gather people. The second important point - you need to collect those people who would have made a purchase. And it does not matter whether you sell goods or services. So, consider what influences how many and what kind of people will come to you.

    Advertising placement

    In order for people to come to you, you must first bring to them information with an invitation to the event. Specify that it can be anything. A seminar, a training, a lecture, a creative master class, a rally drawing are services. In the store, salon, shopping center, you will collect people to promote the goods. Advertising with an invitation to attend your event will bring you a good response. You can use the module's placement in a print edition, a video on television or radio, you can hang outdoor advertising - a large banner, posters, leaflets, announcements on the boards, etc. looking at busy streets with lots of passersby.You can also hire promoters and distribute invitation flyers on the street. If you are puzzled by the question of how to gather people, then do not lose sight of the fact that the most progressive method of inviting works very well - on various websites on the Internet, now they don't go to the store every day, but every day users travel to various websites.

    The target audience

    A lot of people can come to your event, but not one will dare to part with money because of what you offer to customers. Therefore, it is important when you think about how to gather people so that exactly those people who are interested in your proposal will be gathered. It is important to know what the target audience is. These are the categories of people who vitally need your product or service.

    The choice of "expensive" audience

    For example, you wanted to conduct training on the topic of "Increasing income through the Internet." Advertising in the most popular newspaper, which is read by the widest sections of the population in your locality, will most likely be ineffective. Let's think about who might need your seminar? These are heads of enterprises, directors of commercial departments and sales departments, system administrators, site creators and specialists in their promotion.They should receive an invitation to the seminar, but they read few newspapers. It is best to place advertisements on specialized sites, send personalized offers by e-mail, create beautiful promotional letters and send by regular mail, if time permits. If not, you need to use the services of a courier. It would be good to indicate in such a leaflet who has already visited your seminar from respected persons, to give their feedback.

    Selection of a mass audience

    Now the situation is different - you are conducting a promotional tasting of new sugary carbonated drinks. Who will be your target audience? Of course, mothers with children. So, it is necessary to invite in kindergartens, in recreation parks, or to advertise on the radio, which is listened to by the general population, especially women. Under this scheme, you can think of a campaign to collect people for any business line.

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