• How to get a loan in Kiev in the bank

    You will need
    • - Ukrainian passport;
    • - certificate of income;
    • - A copy of the workbook.
    SelectcreditThe most interesting program for you. To do this, you can use the information on the websites of various banks or information portals, for example, http://www.bankstore.com.ua/products/credits/consumer/70/. It contains information on various banks that exist in Kiev. In the Ukrainian capital, there are many banks, both international, for example, OTP Bank, and local, registered in a particular city, for example, the bank Kiev.
    When choosingcreditfocus on the effective interest rate - this indicator reflects not only the monthly interest ratecredity, but also additional payments, for example, the fee for maintaining the loan account. You can also choose various options.creditand, for example, its term and currency. ATKievYou can get financing not only in UAH, but also in dollars, euros and even Swiss francs.
    Prepare documents for receiptcredita.In addition to the passport of a citizen of Ukraine, in most cases you will need to provide an income statement and a copy of the workbook. The certificate should show your salary for at least three, but preferably for the last six months. The workbook should be copied and notarized entirely. If you want to takecrediton the security of property, you will need to prove possession of it with the help of documents confirming your ownership.
    Come to one of the chosen banks of Kiev. On the site fill out the form to receivecreditor orally answer the questions asked by the employee. You will need to provide information about the place of residence, experience and place of work, level of income. Based on this data, your application will be analyzed by bank specialists.
    Wait for the decision of the bank on your application. For consumercreditFor small amounts, this usually takes more than a day, for mortgage financing the terms can be extended to the working week. When approving your application, come to the bank again and sign the service agreement forcreditoats. The money will be given to you in cash on hand or transferred to your specified account.

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