• How to get accreditation?

    Alik Mullahmetov
    Alik Mullahmetov
    January 29, 2013
    How to get accreditation?

    Accreditation allows you to work in one area or another. How to get accreditation to various institutions, and what is needed for this? Accreditation implies the compliance of services offered by a legal entity or an individual with a quality standard. This allows you to weed out amateurs in a particular area.

    How to get accreditation at the embassy

    If your company is going to cooperate with foreign countries, it is necessary to obtain accreditation of the embassy of the country with which there will be cooperation. Details are specified in the representation. The list of required documents usually consists of:

    1. statutory documents (notarized copies);
    2. certificates of registration in the tax service;
    3. documentation of your partners.

    If you are sending a courier to enter into a contract, add a notarized power of attorney, the original and copies of his passport to the list In addition, you must write a letter requesting accreditation on your behalf to the Plenipotentiaryand the ambassador extraordinary. With a positive response, you can get accreditation in a couple of months.

    In addition to the above documents, travel companies also provide a certificate of entry into the EFRT, a list of travel agencies with which active cooperation is conducted on the territory of Russia (certified by company officials), and an application for accreditation.

    How to get accredited photographer

    This can be done by filling out the necessary application form. It contains the name, place of residence, age, examples of photographic works (links to them), equipment model and other additional information. The accreditation of photographers is handled by the public relations department or the PR department of a particular event or venue. In addition, the photographer must, no later than 2 weeks after the end of the festival, submit the footage to the organizing committee.

    Laboratory accreditation

    When accrediting an organization, experience and qualifications of working personnel are taken into account; availability and maintenance of operated equipment; open accounting and registration procedures; properly conducting all trials and studies.The list of documents required for laboratory accreditation:

    1. Special application form;
    2. Regulations on the laboratory;
    3. Laboratory Quality Manual;
    4. Laboratory passport (manufacturer of standard samples);
    5. Draft accredited scope;
    6. Results of participation in programs of interlaboratory comparative tests (form 19).

    The procedure is conducted voluntarily, all laboratories have the same requirements for the passage, the rules for conducting are publicly available. Accreditation issues are dealt with by the Federal Accreditation Service and some non-governmental institutions. After accreditation is completed, the laboratory receives a certificate of conformity to ISO / IEC 17025.

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