• How to get married?

    The time comes when all your friends have already got husbands, families. And in your head periodically flashes the thought: "Already married unbearable." And near or not that beloved, who would make you a marriage proposal. Or, perhaps, for some reason, the man is slow, for various reasons postpones this exciting moment. In such a situation, you should not despair, because even a woman can do a lot for a man to become her husband.

    Let's talk about how to get married.

    Candidate Selection

    Well, when you have someone to wait for the proposal of marriage. And what should single women do? First of all, do not despair. Find a decent contender for marriage is not so difficult.

    You can meet men in order to get married anywhere. Read more about how and where to meet, you can in one of our articles How to meet a guy.

    Before you change your behavior is to make sure that the man is not married. It is not enough to check the ring on the finger. Get to know him as best you can, and he will tell you everything himself.After that, it is important to find out about his intentions. If he meets with you only for the sake of communication and sex, then obviously it is not worth while spending energy on him. Remember that you do not need to marry a person whom you do not trust, and who is not ready for a relationship.

    So, you think that you are finally and irrevocably ready to become a spouse. It remains to act!

    How to marry a man?

    There are many methods and tactics for a man to become your husband’s role. Here are some of them:

    • Make him jealous. Every man, by virtue of his psychology, loves to compete, assert himself and constantly prove something. Therefore, if you cause his jealousy, then your darling will do everything to win you back, even from an invented lover. Over time, he will have the strongest move in order to finally become your one and only, to make you an offer.
    • Demonstration of weakness and helplessness. It is known that every man wants to be strong and reliable for his woman. Therefore, as much as possible and often forgive him for help, let him be needed every hour to be a reliable support and support.When a man becomes a husband, he takes responsibility for his spouse. Why not officially give him the opportunity to become a hero for you?
    • Create the image of the perfect wife. Probably, every man appreciates in a woman the ability to create comfort, a feeling of warmth and at home, the ability to cook deliciously. Therefore, as often as possible, show him the skills of an ideal wife. Do the housework perfectly, bring him into bed, take care of him and support him. Sooner or later, a man will want to experience all these little amenities every day. And for this he will have to make you an offer.
    • Just tell him. It is clear that in our culture, where a man should be strong and a woman weak, it is accepted that only the stronger sex makes an offer. And what to do if you want him to be your husband, but he cannot understand this in any way. It remains to tell him about his desire. Then a logical question arises: how to make an offer to get married? Remember that you can remain a woman to the last, which means that you can not talk to your forehead about your desires. Constantly hint to him about marital relations, tell about your girlfriends who are happy in marriage, put films to him where the couple decides to marry. In a word, influence both the consciousness and the unconscious.Sooner or later, the man will decide on such a responsible act - to make you an offer.

    How to marry well

    I think that you understand that even if you are great at being in a relationship with a man, he will not always become a good husband. In order to marry well, it is important to consider many factors.

    • The depth and duration of the relationship. I think you understand that you should not go beyond the one with whom you have known for several weeks. Meet with a person, deal with who he is, how he treats you.
    • The material question. Love is love, but you have to live somewhere. So think about how and where you will live. Let him not yet have an apartment, but if he is not lazy, he will definitely find a way to create comfort.
    • Interests and preferences. I think that you yourself perfectly understand that your union will be successful only when your interests at least overlap. You can't build relationships on sex alone. Many women wonder how to marry an actor, for example, or a businessman. The answer in both cases is very simple - turn in the same circles as he, be interested in the same as he, in order to somehow maintain the dialogue.First of all, be a very interesting person.
    • Tradition and culture. Remember that upbringing in the family, nationality, habits, like nothing else affects family relationships. Ways to suggest how to marry a Russian, for example, are not always suitable for candidates for husbands from other countries. After all, they have a completely different mentality and traditions. By the way, it’s much easier to marry a Russian than a person from another country. To do this, any of the tactics that we talked about above will do.

    If you absolutely definitely decided to get married, remember the Russian proverb: “marry not to attack, if only to marry not to perish”. Be happy in marriage.

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