• How to get rid of corns on the legs, hands and fingers

    How to get rid of calluses?

    How to get rid of calluses?

    Corn is a slight hardening of the skin, usually occurring on the toes or hands, less often on heels and soles as a result of wearing narrow, uncomfortable shoes, and lack of proper care for the feet. Corn is not at all simple - it can become inflamed and even fester. And corns on the soles, interdigital folds and fingers are often quite painful and significantly impede walking. But even this is not all the troubles that a callus can give you! If a crack appears on its surface, microbes can get into it and cause erysipelas or even cellulitis. That is why if you find a callus on the toes or hands, the sole or the heel, it is necessary to determine and eliminate the cause of its appearance and, if necessary, get rid of the corn.


    How to get rid of corns on the legs



    Most often, our feet suffer from corns, which is explained by the enormous load that lies on them, because our feet hold body weight for sixteen hours a day, moreover, they carry it.Instead of thanking our feet for their daily work with a relaxing bath, we “punish” them with uncomfortable shoes. There is nothing surprising in the fact that one day we find a completely unaesthetic seal on the heel or toe - a callus.


    Corn on the toes and heels has a sensitive shape and a diameter of several millimeters. There are wet and dry calluses. The first are the result of mechanical damage to the tissue and are a bump with liquid inside. It is necessary to treat wet corns, otherwise they are “retrained” into dry corns, which are much more difficult to get rid of.


    As for the old corns, to cope with them home remedies are unlikely to turn out. It is better to contact a beauty salon or clinic. There you will be offered to get rid of calluses on the legs with liquid nitrogen, which will “freeze” the keratinized area, or soften the seal with a laser.


    If the callus causes you severe pain, but going to the doctor does not attract you, you can try to get rid of the calluses on your feet with the help of special anti-callous patches that you can buy in the pharmacy chain.


    If you do not want to resort to the services of salons and clinics, which, by the way, are not at all free, you can tryget rid of corns at home. First of all, you need to go to the pharmacy and, after consulting with the pharmacist, purchase some anti-brazen drug, for example, a plaster (read a little above), a cream or an ointment. The composition of these drugs includes salicylic acid, which softens the horny skin. The tool must be applied to the previously steamed legs, trying to prevent contact with healthy skin, glue the treated corn with a plaster, leaving it for six to eight hours. After this time the lump softens and you can easily scrape it off with ordinary pumice stone.


    Important: the "newer" corn, the easier it is to get rid of it. Therefore, it is better not to delay this.


    Help you get rid of calluses on your toes can ordinary vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, corn, flaxseed). Take unrefined and non-flavored - it is more efficient. Before going to bed, soak a cotton sock with oil, put it on, wrap it in plastic and put another sock on top of it.Yes, it will be hot, but the result is worth it - believe me! On the morning of the next day, you need to wash your foot with soap and scrape the corn with pumice stone.


    There are many effectivefolk recipesHow to quickly get rid of corns:

    • Prepare a soap-soda foot bath. Take three teaspoons of soda, one tablespoon of grated household soap and one liter of water. Pamper your feet with this bath for forty minutes.
    • If the corn hurts you, add a little salt and potassium permanganate to the water. Hold your feet in the bath for twenty minutes. After the procedure, do not wipe your feet, and give them time to dry themselves.
    • Cold saline baths are well absorbed by corns. To prepare such a bath, you will need a liter of water and a tablespoon of salt. The course "bath" procedures - thirty minutes.
    • Raw potatoes - the famous doctor of corns. Grate the potato on a fine grater, wrap the potato mass in cheesecloth, attach it to the place with corn, and band it up. The procedure should be carried out at night.
    • To get rid of calluses between your fingers, daily apply a thin layer of cotton wool with burnt alum to them.


    How to get rid of corns on the hands



    How to get rid of corns on the hands?

    How to get rid of corns on the hands?


    Nobody is insured against corns on their hands, because their appearance does not depend on your age or on how well you take care of yourself. If you want to get rid of calluses on your hands as soon as possible, we will tell you some reliable recipes:


    • First of all, you need to identify the cause of these "jewelry". Often, corns are formed in people whose diet contains an insufficient amount of vitamin A. If you fall into this number, you should make some changes to your daily menu: include eggs, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream, sea fish, beef liver and cod liver .
    • If the callus is "fresh", you can try to make poultices from marigold flowers. Chop the flowers, attach them to the keratinized area, fix with a bandage or plaster. Repeat the procedure ten to twelve times.
    • Perfectly treats corns with propolis. Razorite hands in a warm bath, heat the propolis, roll it, attach to the corn, bandage and do not remove the bandage for three to five days. Then you need to make a bath for hands again, steam it and remove the corn.
    • Aloe helps to get rid of corns on the hands. By the way, this plant is quite effective against the "old" corns. Razorte hand on which there was a corn, attach to it a cut leaf of aloe.


    Remove corns on fingers



    How to get rid of corns on the fingers?

    How to get rid of corns on the fingers?

    To get rid of calluses on the fingers, you can use pharmaceutical preparations, which include paraffin and mineral oils. These are oils, plasters, ointments, protective helium pads and rings for fingers.


    Attention: at the time of treatment, it is better to refuse drinks containing caffeine, alcohol, citrus and sugar.


    There are, however, quite effective folk remedies for calluses on the fingers. These include propolis, compresses with Kalanchoe, aloe, golden whiskers. Impose them on previously steamed dry skin of hands. Instead of a compress, you can attach a piece of propolis to the corn. The minimum course is three procedures.


    Now you know,how to get rid of cornsin a fairly short time. But to prevent the appearance of corns on the hands and feet is much easier than subsequently trying to remove them.

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