• How to get rid of onanism?

    When psychologists are asked how to get rid of onanism, they answer that they just need not want to engage in onanism. How not to want? And so! So, as people who have achieved any success in life do not want to be engaged in this business. People who have purpose and interests. But is it really, who can give a guarantee that a successful businessman, having closed in his office, does not masturbate in the photo of his secretary?

    Want to learn how to get rid of masturbation? Then ask yourself two questions.

    • Ask your mind for what you masturbate. Try to understand whether it is necessary for you to defuse once a week or is it an obsessive desire? You need to know that masturbating to relieve sexual tension once a week is the norm. But all that is greater than this - is sexual excesses, which can lead to sad consequences.
    • What is the quality of erection during masturbation. An erection must be of high quality. If it is of poor quality, then you should not torture yourself. Understand that if an erection is of high quality, then you will have to drop any desire to masturbate. You just do not want to "waste" your erection for nothing.

    So, in order to get rid of onanism, you need to try in every way to cut off different thoughts about masturbation. Fight yourself if you can't tell yourself a firm “No” and follow your decision. Convince yourself, “drip” on the brain, switch your attention to some other interesting, pleasant or just distracting moments. You must make a firm decision to eliminate the habit of masturbation. In order to facilitate the implementation of this task, you should forbid yourself to watch pornography, touch your penis with your hands, and also fantasize on erotic topics. Here you need to apply the method of willpower.

    Read the tips of those who have already quit.

    It will be useful to read in various forums the stories of people to whom the masturbation brought a lot of bad and negative things in life. This will help you figure out how to quit masturbation. It is no less effective than the previous one. Every time the thought of monosex begins to appear in your mind, remember these negative stories, try them on yourself. Your desire must necessarily be reduced. Try to find in your new state, as much as possible positive for yourself.Feel like you become more confident and free. Such a positive motivation is very important. Be sure to find for yourself different interesting activities, the more they will be, the better. Practice tourism, start going to the gym or the sports section, sign up for a foreign language course. All this will benefit your development, will bring positive emotions and take your head with “other” thoughts. Thinking about how to deal with masturbation, remember that there is a very interesting and effective method. It looks like this:

    • You must purchase a calendar and two markers: red and black. Then on the calendar you will need to mark in black those days when monosex defeated your morals. But in red you should note the days when you managed to resist and not to succumb to the very dubious "temptation". Those days when thoughts and onanism itself were not, it is not necessary to note anything.
    • And now you need to start fighting with your flesh and mind. It will continue until the calendar becomes pristine.

    If, despite all your efforts, you cannot get rid of masturbation on your own, then this is a rather difficult case.

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