• How to get to Lipetsk?

    January 12, 2015
    How to get to Lipetsk?

    Lipetsk is the administrative center of the Lipetsk region. The city is located in the central Chernozem region on the border of the Central Russian Upland and the Oka-Don Plain, on both banks of the Voronezh River. The distance between Moscow and Lipetsk is 440 km.

    When you are going on the road, the question arises how to get to Lipetsk.

    By plane

    The fastest way to get to Lipetsk is by plane.

    Travel time is 1 hour. Ticket price - an average of 5000 rubles. Departure is carried out from Domodedovo Airport by Rusline (Moscow-Lipetsk). Arrival in the city of Lipetsk is made at the airport of the same name Lipetsk, located 15 km from the city center. You can get to the airport in Moscow by aeroexpress from the Paveletskaya metro station or from the Domodedovskaya metro station by bus No. 308. From the airport in Lipetsk there runs bus No. 119 to the railway station.

    By train

    If you are a lover of traveling by train, you can use it: 30 trains run from Moscow to Lipetsk.

    Average journey time is 10 hours. The cost starts from 700 rubles per seat.In Moscow, the train departs from the platforms Paveletsky and Kursky railway stations. In Lipetsk, he arrives at the only railway station.

    By car

    Since Lipetsk is located not far from our capital, it is easy to reach by car.

    Leaving from the center of Moscow, you need to go along the Warsaw highway (about 3 km), take the Kashirskoye highway (3 km) and leave Proletarsky Avenue (2.5 km) from it. Then - through the ring to Kavkazsky Boulevard, and from it after 350 m - to Baku street. Baku street enters Lipetskaya (4.5 km), then crosses the Moscow Ring Road and goes to the M-4 highway.

    If you go along the Moscow Ring Road, you will need a 27 exit (27 km) on the M-4 highway.

    After 75 km - the transition to Kashirskoye (11 km). Then you should go straight across the river. Oka, then move onto the R-22. Having passed the pointer to Chernyshevka, we must turn right onto the P-126. Before reaching Krivopolya, turn left onto R-126 (Lipetsk-Chaplygin). Go to the P-204 and enter the city on Bauman Street.

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