• How to glue suspended ceilings

    Remove existing coating from the ceiling - wallpaper, paint or whitewash. Remove the paint with a spatula, wash the lime with water. Remove dirt from the surface with detergent solution.
    To save glue, ground the ceiling. The primer will create a protective layer that will not allow the glue to be absorbed to excessive depth. You can use a universal primer or a special under adhesive materials. For application, use a roller, and work hard-to-reach places with a brush. Cover areas where the primer is particularly rapidly absorbed, cover several times.
    Pull the thread diagonally across the ceiling to determine its center. Mark the point of intersection and draw two lines through it, parallel and perpendicular to the window, to divide the ceiling into four equal rectangles. Start pasting from the middle. This is necessary so that the pattern in the center of the ceiling is not disturbed due to possible surface irregularities.
    On the back of the first tile apply glue on the perimeter and diagonally. Attach the tile to the ceiling so that its angle coincides with the intersection of the marking lines, and press. It is better to make it a wooden block, selected by the size of the tile, so that the fingerprints do not remain on the finish.
    When gluing the remaining elements of finishing material, make sure that their sides are parallel to the markup. Glue the baseboard around the perimeter to hide the gap between the tiles and the walls. All seams need to be puttied.
    The ceiling and baseboard can be covered with water-based paint. Use a medium or long broom for this, as it paints the relief pattern well. Apply the paint in two layers with parallel strokes. The direction of the second layer should be perpendicular to the direction of the first, so that the paint lay smoother and better absorbed.

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