• How to glue the linoleum?

    Natalya Kosenko
    Natalya Kosenko
    November 26, 2014
    How to glue the linoleum?

    Linoleum - one of the most popular and versatile types of flooring. It is easy to install, affordable and practical. You can wash the linoleum with plain water or soapy water. Knowing how to glue the linoleum at the seams, self-laying material is not difficult.

    Ways of bonding linoleum

    Before you lay the linoleum, you need to pick up the strip according to the pattern and learn how to glue the linoleum, in order to get a solid canvas as a result. Depending on the type and quality of this flooring, the following connection methods are used.

    Hot welding

    The method of hot welding is used for gluing coarse linoleum of great thickness, which is often used in crowded places, as well as in the kitchen and in the corridor of residential premises. Hot welding is carried out using a building dryer. The device warms up to + 300-400 ° С and solders the welding cord into the prepared joints. In addition, you will need a welding cord and a knife with a special nozzle to protect the linoleum.Gluing of linoleum by method of hot welding consists of several stages:

    1. Securely fasten the linoleum to the surface.
    2. Cut under the slope of the edge of the adjacent blades to form a V-shaped groove.
    3. Thread the welding cord into the dryer and slowly solder it into the groove.
    4. Immediately remove excess material from the surface.

    Cold welding

    Cold welding is a special construction adhesive that is used to perform many types of construction work, including for gluing linoleum. With it, you can easily and quickly connect the sheets of linoleum, getting almost invisible seam. Cold welding is available in several types, depending on the consistency:

    • Type A is the most liquid building glue that can seep into even small gaps. Used for gluing tightly laid new linoleum, including thick commercial types of material;
    • Type C is an adhesive with a richer consistency. Designed for bonding previously laid linoleum in the formation of gaps up to 5 mm wide. At the site of the gap, the glue forms a new coating layer. The glue bulges formed during welding are cut off after drying;
    • type T - professional cold welding. Used for gluing linoleum on a felt basis.

    Cold welding technology for fresh linoleum

    1. Carefully dock the seams.
    2. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry the joint.
    3. Glue a strip of masking tape over the seam and cut it along the seam.
    4. In the resulting gap gently squeeze the glue, trying to avoid the formation of bulge.
    5. After fully drying, cut off the excess glue and remove the tape.

    Cold welding contains harmful chemicals, so when using it you should observe safety precautions: work in rubber gloves in a ventilated room.

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