• How to go to Germany?

    Moving or traveling to another country can actually be made difficult by many problems. Now there are a lot of people who want to move, for example, to Germany to live there, work, study and so on. But how to do this, even if going to rest there is quite problematic?

    How to travel to Germany - you can get to Germany in several ways, take a plane, train, bus and even a car, most often one of the options is chosen in accordance with, as they say, price and quality. You want faster, fly by plane, but it will be more expensive and so on. But the choice of transport is not the most difficult, as it turns out. In order to travel to Germany, you need to get a visa. Visas can be different - short-term, long-term, at work and so on. For more information on how to get a visa, you can learn from the following article - "How to get a visa to Germany?".

    Temporary trip to Germany

    How to go to Germany - if you are not always interested in a place of residence, but simply a rest, then everything is much easier.The easiest way to contact the travel agency that organizes the trip. You will be sent an invitation from Germany, where you can go on a trip. But you should pay attention to the fact that participating in group tours, you will be tied to this group, so if you want to enjoy an independent trip, then it is better to organize an individual tour, of course, it will be more expensive for you than a group tour, but you can travel alone .

    Friends and acquaintances can send you an invitation. It is with this invitation that you can go to the embassy and write an application for permission to enter the country. Remember that this procedure can take quite a long time, so it is worth collecting all documents for at least six months.

    We leave for permanent residence

    If you are interested exactly in permanent residence in the country and you want to go there for exactly this purpose, then you should be upset by saying that only immigrants can go to live permanently in the country, who will prove their belonging to the German people with the appropriate documents (passport entry , military card, birth certificate).Learn more about how to go to Germany, you can read in the next article - "How to go to Germany?".

    Quite often you can see the messages: I want to go to Germany, but I don’t know how to do it better, tell me, help ... and so on. People tell their stories about how they got into the country, how they started living there first on a temporary visa, then petitioned for permanent residence, how difficult it is to find work and generally hard in a foreign country, especially when you have no one there .

    If you absolutely do not know how to go to Germany on your own and are not well versed in all the intricacies of such trips, then the best option for you would be to contact a travel agency that will help you arrange the flight, tell you where and how to get the necessary documents.

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