• How to grow gloxinia?

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    How to grow gloxinia?

    Gloxinia is an elegant indoor plant, which is one of the most beloved garden growers. However, growing this flower is not an easy thing. Gloxinia is very whimsical, therefore, in order for it to please each year with bright buds-bells, it is necessary to pay much attention to it. So, consider how to grow gloxinia at home.


    If you want to grow a flower from seed yourself, it will take a long time. But this is quite a fascinating process. It is necessary to pay attention to the time of sowing - it should be February-March, as well as good lighting and heat.

    Sow the seeds in a transparent container (the ground should be light). Spray the ground well with a spray bottle and close the container with a transparent lid or film. Sometimes it will be necessary to air the greenhouse and spray the seeds. From two months the cover can be removed. When the seedlings grow up to 2-3 cm, they will need to be transplanted into separate containers (for a start, plastic cups will fit).

    Gloxinia is very demanding on the soil, so it is better to buy special primer in the store. The main thing is that the soil is light and breathable. The grown plant from the cup should be transplanted into a wide, shallow pot, at the bottom of which there must be drainage.

    Cultivation and care

    It is not recommended to water the plant copiously in the first period after transplantation, since root can fade. For watering, you need to use soft settled warm water, and you should water the flower very carefully, along the edge of the pot (or pour water into the pan). The soil should always be slightly moist. In no case can not spray the leaves - it can damage them. Periodically it is recommended to feed the flower with organic and mineral fertilizers.

    Gloxinia loves heat, but high temperatures (like excess light) are disastrous for her. Therefore, it is better to put the plant away from the battery and direct sunlight.

    Care in the dormant period

    In autumn, the upper part of the flower dies off. It is necessary to carefully cut off the withered leaves and flowers, and place the pot with the tuber in a cool place for the whole winter (water several times so that it does not dry out).

    Thus, if you comply with all the requirements for the care of the gloxinia and take care of it, then it will certainly please you with its chic look.

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