• How to grow ate?

    A Christmas tree is a green tree that makes us happy both in winter and in summer. Especially love her children, they associate the Christmas tree with the New Year, with a festive mood and gifts. So why not grow this miracle in your garden or even in a pot? Many gardeners are engaged in this, then it will work out for you. Of course, if you know exactly how to grow ate.

    Some people plant spruce, pine, juniper, fir, cedar, etc. at home. They dig them out of the forest, which is prohibited by law in many regions. These plants can be listed in the local Red Book, so there is nothing better than planting a spruce in their own seed garden. Transplantation from the forest may not succeed if inadvertently damage the roots. Just as adversely, a tree is affected by abrupt changes in conditions and improper planting of a coniferous seedling. Do not forget about such an important factor as caring for a plant.

    How to grow spruce in the garden

    To begin with, you should know that you will have to wait more than one year before the plant grows up. 3-4 years after planting, the seedling of a pine or a Christmas tree reaches a height of no more than half a meter.

    1. If you decide to go to the forest, then go there just for the cones, and not for the Christmas tree.Seeds in cones ripen in autumn, in November. Already in February, they are sown from cones. Your task is to have time to collect cones before February comes. It is best to do this after the snow falls. When the bumps fall on the snow, they become strong, and the warm earth is not favorable for them. As a result, the strongest will survive, but you will be able to recognize them only after a year with the appearance of the first green twigs.
    2. After the buds are harvested, it is necessary to extract the seeds from them. Stratify to give them the best germination. To do this, soak the seeds in very cold water. Do not be afraid to add ice. After 2-3 days they will swell, and you will need to put them in the wet sand. In order for the seeds to germinate, keep the temperature at zero in the sand.
    3. Now your seeds are ready for planting. Sow them in the ground not very deep (at 0, 5 cm maximum), because nature has taken care of that the Christmas trees grew without burying.
    4. The soil should be sandy, suitable and loose loam. Fertilizing the land is not necessary. Add land brought from the forest. Take it from under the usual forest fir trees.
    5. When the earth is ready, put it in tubs or pots.Sow a few seeds in each pot, and in the spring pick the strongest.
    6. If possible, bring all the pots and pots to fresh air, stick them in the ground so that they stand until spring. Remember that spruce rises in the winter in the snow. If you do not have this opportunity, then take out the pots on the balcony.
    7. With the arrival of spring and summer, you will observe what your efforts have led to. And as you planted your own spruce in pots and tubs, you can easily carry them, transport them, and even sell them. There is always a high demand for such Christmas trees, especially when the plant is strong and high. This is a very good business idea for summer residents and gardeners. The plots in winter are idle and just leave room for pots with firs.

    How to grow a tree bought in a pot

    • If you purchased a coniferous plant in a container, you need to transplant it to the same depth at which it grows in its pot.
    • If the weather is hot, be sure to water novosadki daily. They are very difficult to tolerate dry soil and require at least 10 liters of water per day, as well as sprinkling crowns.
    • After watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil in the circle wheel, mulch with peat and weed weeds.
    • It is not necessary to feed spruces, but in early spring, until the shoots begin to grow, add about 100 g of the Kemira wagon to the tree trunk.


    • If you plant spruce like a hedge, then you need to specially shape them. With a simple trim you can get the effect of a green impassable wall. In another case, only diseased, broken or dry branches are removed in the fall and spring. The crown is formed independently, in a natural way.
    • If the two tops began to grow at the same time, remove one of them, cutting out right at the base.


    • How to grow spruce without breeding them? No To propagate the species of spruce, they are grown from seeds.
    • Garden forms created by breeders are grown from cuttings or by grafting. They cannot be propagated with the help of seeds, since they lose their ornamental qualities.

    Preparing for the winter

    • Newly planted and young trees need special protection from too scorching sun and frost. Mulch the soil under the plant with peat and cover the needles with non-woven material, kraft paper or lapnik.

    How to grow blue spruce

    Growing blue spruce in your own area is not an easy task.Unfortunately, not every tree will get a blue tint. In the first year, their color will be green, and by the second year of life, 30% of them will turn blue.

    1. Harvest cones in mid-February. Put them in fabric or gauze bags, leave in a warm place. It may even be a battery.
    2. When the buds have opened, remove the seeds from them, pour them into the bag and gently rub them in order to free them from the lionfish. Rinse the seeds with water to remove the essential oils. Leave for 24 hours in potassium permanganate solution. After that, dry and put in the snow for two months. If it is not possible to put the seeds under the snow, put them in a refrigerator in a sterilized jar.
    3. Sow the seeds in late April, in a well-warmed land. But before that, soak them for 12 hours in a solution with microelements. So that the future spruce tree does not hurt, seeds are treated with Fundazole (10 liters of water 20 g) or something similar.
    4. Before sowing, seeds need to get out of the bag. But do not forget that they are stored thereafter no longer than 2 days.
    5. Sow the seeds in pots of 3-5 pieces in fertilized soil with high peat. Bury in a greenhouse under the film.
    6. Before sowing, compact the soil, add 1 cm of peat mixed with pine sawdust (1: 2).
    7. Do not water the plant, but spray it several times a day.


    In the spring, before the seedlings have begun to grow, transplant the spruce. Do not hold the roots for a long time in the air. Do rows in shkolke at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other. Between saplings leave 10-15 cm. Add the land that you take from under the coniferous trees. If the seedlings are 3 years old, plant them at a distance of 1 meter for another 3 years. Only then can they be planted in a permanent place. Now you know how to grow spruce. Let this task and not from simple, but still it will be quite interesting to watch your result.

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