• How to arrange a party in the style of Gatsby?

    Stylized and themed holidays have long become commonplace for everyone. This is a great way to forget about reality and plunge into another, albeit a fictional world. Try on interesting roles, play, feel, enjoy emotions. That is why many leave the usual format of the holiday - a feast, songs, dances, in the past, and choose what can surprise and please themselves and guests.

    Today we will talk about how to arrange a party in the style of Gatsby.

    Prim spirit of America

    Since the advent of the next screen version of the work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the theme of America of the 20s and 30s began to penetrate into all spheres of our life. And it’s not for nothing. There was at that time its charm, intrigue, passion, brightness. Something that is sometimes lacking in the modern high-tech world.

    A Gatsby party is always a show, unthinkable without fun, jazz, beautiful and elegant dresses. At one time, beginning Wall Street businessmen used unbelievable sums for such a holiday.Therefore, if your budget is significantly limited, or you want to save, then it is better to choose a different format and theme.

    Gatsby style is universal, it is suitable for both birthday and wedding, corporate events, New Year. We advise you to prepare in advance so as not to miss important details, each of which, as part of a puzzle, is important for the overall picture.


    This is the first thing to start. Of course, before that you should have already decided on the venue. To notify guests, postcards sent by mail or retro-styled letter envelopes will do.

    To be sure that all guests have received an invitation, we recommend receiving confirmation by phone a few days before the celebration.

    Dress code

    One of the main conditions. If you want to enjoy the spirit of this festival in an atmosphere of brilliance and elegance, then all guests must comply with the dress code.

    For men

    They will not have to dress up for a long time. A modern classic suit with a bow tie, a white shirt and perfectly polished shoes will be very useful. Those who do not like jackets can offer a classic vest.

    Elegant "highlights" will be a neckerchief, a cane, a hat, a watch on a chain, cigars, roses attached to the jacket pocket.

    Owners not the shortest haircuts need a gel for styling.

    For women

    As for women's outfits, then here it is necessary to spend a little more time for a choice. But here is where to roam the female fantasy. If you want to fully meet the style of the 20-30s, then you should look for dresses with a low waistline, knee-length and asymmetrical bottom. The latter can be decorated with fringe.

    In the trend are also dresses-shirts and dresses-trumpets.

    As for color, it is desirable that these be the basic shades - black, white, beige, brown, gray (silver). But what about the bright party without the same outfit, you ask? The color itself should be basic, but the decor is quite appropriate to a different color, and if all this will shine and shine, you will definitely be the center of attention. Gold threads, sequins, rhinestones, beads are excellent finishing options for women's attire.

    Do not forget about the accessories that perfectly complete the image — fur vests, small hats with a veil, satin ribbons tied around the head, or rims decorated with rhinestones, feathers, flowers or stones, high gloves, brooches, pearl threads and tiny clutches.

    Separately it is necessary to say about makeup. The most successful epithet in this case is juicy. You should be noticed immediately. Brightly emphasize all your advantages, and expertly hide the disadvantages. Do not forget the bright lipstick, sexy arrows on the eyes, well-dyed eyelashes and dark shadows.

    And, of course, hairstyle. It does not take much time. It will be enough for owners of a square just to curl a little curls, but for girls with long hair you can put them in a neat bunch, decorate them with a hairpin with rhinestones, an invisible elastic band with an ostrich feather, or a hairpin with a veil attached.

    The easiest option for all cases - drop wavy curls.

    If you are confident in their abilities, you can use the styling gel, and make beautiful curls on the forehead or temples.


    While your guests are picking up their outfits, you need to do the scenery. Everything should be rich, as the young “business sharks” on Wall Street would say.

    The ideal option, of course, are large houses with a courtyard, a fountain, a swimming pool. But not everyone has the opportunity to afford this luxury, so consider a more budget option.

    In order not to bother yourself too much in trying to re-arrange the interior, choose a hall (cafe, restaurant) in a classic style. Make sure that the doorman meets you at the entrance. And the interior decoration must necessarily include white tablecloths on the tables, table crystal, porcelain dishes, functional candlesticks with real candles, vases with fresh flowers.

    Do not be afraid to overdo it, tinsel, glitter, soft puffs for rest, golden serpentine - what you need.

    It is also worth considering that guests will definitely want to take a photo as a keepsake, therefore consider a stylized photo zone with retro things.

    Everybody dance!

    Without music, there will not be a holiday. And it should be suitable. The easiest option - a collection of jazz hits that will be played on modern technology. As a pleasant surprise, you can invite a saxophonist. And if there is enough finance, then a small jazz band can become the “highlight of the program”.

    Things to do?

    When such beauty is around, sitting and boring to spend time talking alone is just a crime. That's why you need to have a party scenario.

    Remember that was a favorite of that time? Excitement and fun. Because a great option for your celebration - roulette and poker. For those who like to dance, you can arrange a master class in Charleston and a dance marathon.

    And what about the competition for the best tune played on the glasses? We are sure that guests will like it. You can invite magicians, jugglers or acrobats.

    Do not forget about the Bengal lights and festive fireworks, the final action.


    Nice atmosphere and fun entertainment is great. But do not forget that guests need something to treat. The format of the party in the style of Gatsby provides a buffet. This option will provide an opportunity to freely communicate with each other and not be tied to a place at the table.

    Would you like to surprise those present? Order a fountain with champagne. Alcohol at such a party is paid special attention, and it must be of high quality. What is suitable? Martini, champagne, cocktails, whiskey, cognac, punch, cooked according to an old recipe.

    As a treat, you usually serve a variety of snacks - canapés, sandwiches, pancakes with caviar, tartlets with salads and pâtés, seafood, meat and cheese sliced, as well as vegetables, fruits, desserts.

    The Gatsby party is epatage and luxury, mixed with uncontrollable fun. We are sure that everyone will like this holiday and leave only the most pleasant memories.

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