• How to hide figure flaws

    You will need
    • Mirror
    • Your wardrobe
    • Critical look at things
    If you have a big chest, but narrow hips and waist:
    Wear tight blouses and sweaters to highlight the benefits and bell skirts to visually balance the hips. Choose jeans with a low waist, dresses a little above the knee. Wear bright print sweaters and designer beads and necklaces.
    If you have a big chest, wide waist, but narrow hips and beautiful buttocks:
    Wear a shirt blouse over the chest so that they fall off the chest, emphasizing its height, but hiding the waist. Or thin pullovers, and on top of elongated sweaters or jackets with a deep V-neck. Wear tight skirts, tight jeans, tight-fitting trousers to draw attention to your virtues.
    If you have a small chest, thin waist and narrow hips:
    Wear frill skirts and blouses with ruffles, loose dresses that fit only in the right places.Emphasize the waist, attract attention to her volume straps. Wear loose pants and tight sweaters. Choose shirt-type blouses with pockets on the chest. Avoid jackets and coats with a deep neckline and lapels that emphasize the chest.
    If you are just a complete woman:
    Invest in the right laundry. Successfully stitched bra will lift and give additional seductive lines to your bust, and dragging panties will help reduce some of the bulge. Choose clothes deeper tones.

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