• How to house a house in 2017

    You will need
    • - application to the court;
    • - title documents;
    • - passport;
    • - cadastral extracts and explication;
    • - a package of documents for privatization;
    • - application to the reg center;
    • - documents for registration.
    If your documents state that the housing belongs to a private house, the land plot should be adjacent to it, the entrance should be separate, not connected to the common corridor, as a public space. If the house belongs to several owners or tenants, has a common entrance, a corridor from which you get into your part of the dwelling, you can recognize it as an apartment. But in this case a part of the land plot you can not issue as a property, it will remain a municipal property.
    Houses that can be recognized as apartments, most often have a barrack type, where there is one common entrance and a corridor with the presence of several doors leading to their own residential premises. If the dwelling is already registered in the property and in the certificate it is indicated that it is a residential house, file a claim in the arbitration court.
    Show your passport, title documents, cadastral extract, a copy of the cadastral plan and the explication of the building, which will indicate the floor plan and the location of the individual premises that are housing.
    On the basis of a court ruling, you can re-register cadastral documents and submit them to the registration chamber for entering the amended information into the unified register, where the word �Apartment� will be inserted instead of the definition House.
    You can decorate a house immediately during privatization. If the house is divided into several tenants, but it was indicated in the social rental agreement that apartments were received, during privatization you will receive a decree on the transfer of the apartments to the property.
    According to the decision in the unified register of the state registration center will make information about the registration of the apartment. You will receive a certificate of ownership confirming that you have become the owner of the apartment. If you wish to privatize the land, you will have to go to court to recognize the apartment as a house.

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