• How to identify a stroke before the arrival of the doctor

    How to identify a stroke?

    A stroke is called acute disorders in the blood circulation of the brain, as a result of which parts of this organ are no longer supplied with oxygen. Left without the necessary for the proper functioning of oxygen, brain cells can live for up to six hours, so it is very important to provide medical assistance in time for a stroke.
    Causes of stroke can be bleeding or brain infarction.
    A stroke is characterized by a multitude of symptoms, which can manifest themselves both in a complex and separately, and are not always pronounced. If you have any doubts, it is better to call a doctor, otherwise it may be late.
    With a stroke, the left side of the body and the face becomes numb, as a result there is a noticeable bias. It becomes difficult or impossible to move your left hand and foot, sometimes the ability to move is completely lost due to weakness in the body. There may be severe dizziness, sometimes even loss of consciousness.
    Thinking in a person with a stroke is often confused, coordination in space is disturbed, a person poorly understands what is happening around and what needs to be done. There are problems with speech: it becomes difficult to pronounce words, they are vague, sentences are confused, sometimes speech is completely lost. In some cases, there is a violation or loss of vision, objects disappear from sight, can double in the eyes. The patient cannot read or write.
    At the same time there is very low or very high blood pressure.
    To find out if a person has had a stroke, ask him to smile - he will either not be able to do this, or a smile will come off a curve. You can ask him to stick out his tongue: he will be crooked, turned to the side. Also, the patient will not be able to raise both hands up or clearly say a simple sentence.

    First aid for stroke before the arrival of the doctor

    If you know how to deal with a stroke before the doctor arrives, you can save a person�s life with a high probability, since a significant part of the death rate from stroke occurs as a result of unqualified care or lack of it.
    If you are convinced that a person has a stroke, do not panic. First of all, call an ambulance and be sure to describe all the symptoms so that a specialized team arrives. Next, lay the patient on a bed or sofa, but so that his head was in an elevated position. Open the window, providing fresh air, remove cramped clothing, undo the top buttons.
    Measure blood pressure and pulse.

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