• How to increase memory stick?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    November 17, 2014
    How to increase memory stick?

    Often, when copying files to a USB flash drive, we lack quite a bit of free space. And it’s okay if the files are small and not urgent, but what if the file is needed right now. In this situation, the question may arise whether it is possible to increase the size of the flash drive, and the answer is not surprising - yes, it is possible. Now we will tell how this can be done.

    USB flash drive: how to increase memory

    File system change

    Change the file system to ntfs. This method slightly increases the actual number of megabytes on the flash drive without the risk of spoiling it. It's all about disk layout and the size of data storage cells (clusters). It should be noted that all data on the media will be deleted during formatting. If you want to save them, temporarily copy them to another medium.

    1. Go to "My Computer". Clicking the right mouse button on the desired flash drive, click "format." Or we launch a third-party program for working with hard disks, for example, Partition Magic, and select the necessary device in it and click “format”.
    2. Different file systems reserve a different amount of data for their needs. For windows, it is recommended to use the ntfs file system.
    3. The smaller the cluster size, the more data can fit, especially if the files are many and they are small. But it greatly increases the speed of information processing. Therefore, when the maximum volume is not critical, it is more convenient to use larger clusters. But now choose the smallest available.
    4. We remove the mark on the quick format. We need full formatting, not change of headings.
    5. We press to execute. Is done.

    Disk compression

    This option will not increase the actual size of the flash drive, but will help to copy more data due to their compression on the drive.

    1. We copy a part of the data, first of all texts, photos, music and other data.
    2. In the window "My Computer" click the right mouse button on the flash drive and open the "Properties".
    3. In the “General” tab, we tick the box next to the words “squeeze to save space”.
    4. After that, copy the remaining files, for example, archives, to the free space - since their size will most likely not change with these manipulations and the space will not be freed.

    That's all, these are the only real ways to increase the size of the memory on a flash drive.

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