• How to install a 3D instructor?

    The 3d instructor is a car simulator that has excellent technical characteristics so that you can learn how to drive a car on city roads. Today, there are several versions of this game, but regardless of this, before you start using the simulator for your own purposes, you need to know how to install 3d instructor on your computer.

    Computer requirements

    Please note that we will consider the rules for installing instructor 3d 2.2.7, but if you need to know how to install 3d instructor 2.2, then watch the video on YouTube or find instructions on how to install it. To install our program, there are certain requirements for the operating system of the computer, as well as its technical characteristics. So, you should have Windows XP or Vista operating system, 7, 1 GB (XP) or 2 GB (Vista / 7) of RAM. As for the hard disk, there should be at least 5 GB of free space on it, if you are still interested in the question, 3d instructor how to install the machines in this game. DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and Radeon HD 4850 or Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 video card.

    Installation Instructor 3d

    After downloading the file with the game, launch the file 3DI_2.2.7_Home_123.exe on behalf of the administrator, after which the activation window will appear on the screen. You need to click on the item "Enter the activation key." Before you install the mods in the 3d instructor, pay attention to their version. Because in some cases, for version 2.2.6, mods can be earned by this algorithm, that is, using the keys from version 2.2.7, but they may not.

    Go to the opening folder 3dsim_keygen, in which there is a file keygen.exe. In the HWID window, you must enter the product code and click on the Generate item. After that, the program activation key will be generated for you, which we insert into the �Activation Key� window. This completes your functions for activating the program on your computer. It remains to copy the files disk1.pak and mod3di.exe to the folder where your game is located (DATA and EXPORT must be in the same folder). We specify any address, and after the file replacement window appears on the monitor, click all on top. All! Now you can study with a simulator.

    Some recommendations

    If you do not know how to install the game 3d instructor version 2.2.8, you can use the same files as for 2.2.7, but slightly changing the installation strategy.So, DATA and EXPORT are available in machine mods for version 2.2.8. You need to go to DATA, and then follow to the dataphysicscars and to the name of the machine. The file p_player_setup.ini, which is available in the program, is opened with the help of the �notepad�. Now you need to scroll through the text file to the very end - we find the [misc] section. Here there is the line PhysicsFiles (for wheelbarrows 2.2.8) and the file PhysicsFilenames (for wheelbarrows 2.2.7). Now we change the lines in places, that is, set PhysicsFilenames instead of PhysicsFiles or vice versa, if the mod is intended for variation 2.2.7, and you need to install the mod for 2.2.8. Using these recommendations, you can easily install a 3d instructor.

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