• How to install a ladder?

    Exquisite wooden stairs are very popular and are a wonderful decoration in a modern house or a multi-level apartment. This staircase will fit into any interior of the room, but at the same time certain requirements are imposed on it, it should be:

    • reliable;
    • safe;
    • convenient during operation;
    • durable;
    • aesthetically high quality.

    Installation of wooden stairs

    Consider how to install the stairs in the house. Looking at the already completed and installed stairs, it seems that it is quite simple to install it. What can be so complicated here - only steps and railings. However, the opinion is so deceptive and erroneous. It turns out for such a simple design, it is worth the calculated process. Installation of wooden stairs is a complicated process, so it is better that such work is carried out by specialists. From that how correctly it is established its service life and reliability depends. In case of improper installation, the appearance of the structure deteriorates, and it can also damage it.

    Performing installation of wooden stairs, you must follow certain rules:

    • It is better if the installation of the ladder is carried out by the specialists of the enterprise that manufactured it, since the enterprise is responsible for its design and installation.
    • It is necessary to make the installation in a clearly specified place, as the manufacture of the stairs is carried out strictly according to the measurements.
    • The staircase is delivered unassembled to its destination, and its installation must be made from ready-made staircases.
    • If the company produces ready-made flight of stairs, then you must first make grooves in the support beam. This is necessary in order to install and mount to the crossbeam were accurate.
    • After the work is done on adjusting the string to the level of the floor, the assembly of ready-made marches and gluing of the joints are carried out.
    • When fitting the lower bowstring, it is necessary to take into account that the floor can be laid on the floor.
    • Before mounting the staircase, a staircase fence is installed, before you glue the parts of the fence, you need to check their fit well.
    • In order for the design to be reliable, the march must be fastened to the beam with screws, the fastening goes through the support post and through the string to the wall.

    Ways of fastening the details of the stairs

    Consider how to mount the ladder. Any staircase, including wooden, consists of inclined parts and stepped surfaces. In other words, staircases and landings. Depending on the location of the spans, the stairs can be single-handed, double-mid-flight and three-mid-flight. Between the spans, the width of the platform should not be less than the width of one march. A storey site and its dimensions depend on the location of the doors and its width should not be less than the width of the span. For mounting the steps of the march there are such methods:

    • Marching steps of a ladder can rest on bowstrings or kosouri two ends.
    • With one end they can rest on the kosour, and the other end should be embedded in the wall.
    • One end must be embedded in the wall, and the other end hangs freely. This method is possible only with a wall thickness of at least one and a half bricks.

    Before you assemble the ladder, you must not forget that it is only lifted on it, but it also serves as a place through which heavy things can carry, therefore special attention is paid to the reliability and durability of the structure.

    Grooves that are designed to connect the ladder with the string should be made in such a way that the step would go into it very tightly. And for this it is necessary to have a flat plane in the slots, and their depth should be the same. Under these conditions, the adhesive bond will be uniform over the entire plane, which will significantly increase the reliability and durability of the structure. If the mount is not tight enough, you need to apply the method of wedging steps in the slots. In such cases, make the plane of the groove with a bias towards the back of the bowstring. The groove is obtained in the form of a truncated trapezium, the top of which is in front of the bowstring. After the treads are installed in the groove, it is wedged with a wedge and pressed to the upper side of the groove. The joints are coated with glue, which will give the necessary strength. In order to make such a connection more durable, you can additionally fasten the tread with a string, using nails or screws. Usually they are deepened, and the holes are closed with a stopper. Thus, the appearance of the staircase does not deteriorate. To increase reliability, hammer in two nails or screws.

    Staircase installation

    Since the ladder is supplied unassembled, you can install it yourself. Consider how to put the stairs yourself.

    • First you need to prepare the upper and lower marches. The side parts of the structure must correspond to the opening and the floor surface. To do this, they must be sawed off according to the previously applied marking, if it is not made by the manufacturer.
    • Next, you need to prepare the upper support rack. In it you need to cut the grooves, they must be attached to the transverse beam of the span. Using a pencil, draw a horizontal line along the bottom edge of the groove. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor and draw another horizontal line equal to this distance. In the grooves set the riser and sawn off the excess part of the post.
    • Assembly. It is carried out with the help of glue. Glue the parts in this order:
      • the upper support stand is glued to the side elements of the ladder;
      • further glue fencing stairs and railings;
      • connect the lower support post and the lower ends of the railing;
      • glue the side portions of the stairs and the bottom support post.

    Wooden spikes are driven into the necessary parts of the rack.Treads and upper risers are glued to the side elements of the staircase. It is necessary to give time for complete drying.

    • Installation design. When installing need helpers. They must be at least three people. One person must be on the top floor and two downstairs. The ladder is set on the floor and leveled using a level. On the floor, mark the place where the pillars will be installed. Holes are drilled in them and similarly drilled holes at the bottom of the support posts. Fasten with special bolts. The tread must be attached to the crossbeam with two nails. One side part is attached to the wall, in this case use three or five screws.
    • If necessary, sheathed span in the right places.

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