• How to install correctly RAM

    You will need
    • - screwdriver
    Unplug your computer from electricity. Disconnect the power completely and physically by pulling the power cord out of the socket. Open the system unit by unscrewing the mounting self-tapping screws from the back panel of the case.
    Lay the system unit on its side so that it is easier to interact with the connectors of the motherboard. Of course, it is necessary to put so that you could see all the internal devices of the system unit.
    Locate on the motherboard connectors for RAM. Usually they are located near the processor, further from the power supply package. These are several long protruding connectors with keys along the edges. The keys are plastic plates, the notches on which coincide with the notches on the memory bars.
    Make sure that there are no dust balls and other foreign objects in the connectors. Insert the memory bar into the very first unused slot.When inserting hold the bar with two hands on both ends and evenly press, the keys should be spread out to the sides. The keys will close at the edges of the plank when you insert it to the end. If any of them did not reach, you can bring it manually. With a flick of a click, the keys fall into the grooves and securely hold the bar in place.

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