• How to install Skyrim?

    Vladimir Kulinich
    Vladimir Kulinich
    February 28, 2013
    How to install Skyrim?

    Many gamers are well aware of the game Skyrim. How to install Skyrim, our article will tell.

    In order to start the installation you need to have:

    • The key to the game;
    • A game client that can be downloaded or downloaded from a game’s DVD;
    • Your Steam account with a client installed from them (store.steampowered.com).

    Installation process

    • Insert a disc with the game. In the installation window, click the "Install" button. If you have not launched Steam, the installer will do it himself. After that you will see a window in which you must enter your key to the game. The key is located inside the box with the game. If the game is purchased in the online store - the key will come to you in the mail;
    • We are waiting for the activation key;
    • Unfortunately, the choice of the disk to install this game is not possible, so the game will be installed on the disk where Steam itself is installed;
    • After installing from a disc, you can play from any computer, but first you need to install Steam on it and log into your account on it;
    • Now click "Next." Now you will be directed to the Skyrim page on Steam. Here you can see various information about the game.Also, the process of downloading a patch to the game will automatically begin. You can play without it, but still it is better to wait until the installation is complete, because it corrects the shortcomings in the game.

    Now you know how to install Skyrim game on your personal computer!

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