• How to install the melody on android?

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    How to install the melody on android?

    Smartphones with the Android operating system provide its users with a wide range of tools for changing various settings and parameters of the phone. We can change the wallpaper, color scheme, ringtone, screensaver, download any applications you need and much more. In this article we will explain how to set the melody on the android for calls, alarms and SMS alerts.

    Ringtone and SMS

    Before you start choosing a ringtone on your smartphone, download the ringtone you like to your phone. This can be done in three ways:

    • Using a usb cable, connect the phone to the computer, wait until the installation of the drivers is complete and click the "Enable usb drive" button. After that, your phone will appear in the explorer, and you can transfer any files you need to it.
    • With the help of special applications, such as or, you can transfer files between a computer and a smartphone using a wifi network.
    • In addition, we can download music from the Internet. To do this, you will need to download the corresponding application in Google Play.

    Now you need to adjust the sound profile. For this:

    1. Go to "Menu" - "Settings".
    2. Select the section "Device" - "Sound Profiles" and select one of the proposed profiles or set your own.
    3. In the settings of the selected profile, you can adjust the call volume, ring tone, video call melody, set the melody to SMS android, and also set other sound parameters of the system. To select your own melody, click "Ringtone" - "Other call melodies" and in the list that opens, select the sound you want to use.

    Another way to set a ringtone as a phone ringtone.

    1. Go to the "Menu" - "Music".
    2. Click on the melody that you want to use as a call.
    3. Press it with your finger - a menu will appear in front of you. Select "Like Ringtone".

    And another way to set a new SMS alert.

    1. Open "Menu" - "SMS / MMS".
    2. Click the context menu button.
    3. Select "Settings" - "Notifications".
    4. In the menu that opens, set the "Notification Sound" in the corresponding item.

    Contact melody

    To install a ringtone on a contact, follow these steps:

    1. Select a contact from the phone book;
    2. Go to the contact settings by clicking on the figure of the little man in the right half of the screen;
    3. Call the menu by pressing the corresponding button or three points in the right corner of the screen;
    4. Click the "Set Ringtone" button.

    Melody alarm clock

    To set the melody on the alarm clock android smartphone, you need to do the following steps:

    1. Go to the standard application "Clock".
    2. Open the �Alarm Clock� in the lower left corner of the screen.
    3. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner - this will create a new alarm clock.
    4. Set the alarm time.
    5. Below under the specified time you will see a description of the alarm.
    6. Click on the name of the default melody marked with a note sign.
    7. In the list of ringtones that appear, select the one you like.
    8. If you want to set your own alarm melody, click on the �Other call melodies� line and select any of the beeps on your smartphone.

    As you can see, installing a ringtone, sms or alarm on Android is just as easy as on a regular phone.Do not be afraid to experiment and put different ringtones on the bell - be more original. Otherwise, you run the risk of starting every time a neighbor has the same standard melody on the bus as on your phone.

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