• How to insulate a brick bath

    You will need
    • heat insulation material
    • -just and mounting strip
    • - insulation material
    • - waterproofing material
    • -tess hardwood
    The external walls of the bath need to be insulated with mineral insulants, which are sold in slabs, mats and rolls. Tiled heaters are attached with dowels and additionally glued with special glue. Between the plates you need to install metal corners exactly the size of the plates.
    Rolled insulation should be made to cover all exterior walls and secure them with slats or thin rails.
    Top finish is optional.
    Insulate should not only walls, but also the foundation around the perimeter of the bath.
    Internal walls, ceiling, door - you need to fit a vapor-insulating material. On top of it to produce wood trim hardwood. Ventilation distance is allowed between the vapor barrier and the ceiling.
    The outer part of the ceiling can be insulated with a triple layer of protection against the effects of steam and moisture.First, a layer of vapor barrier is fixed, on it is a layer of thermal insulation and everything is closed by steam or waterproofing.
    The outer part of the ceiling can also be warmed with the help of clay and backfilling of heat-saving materials.
    To do this, dilute the clay and pour a thin layer on the outer part of the ceiling. After complete drying of the clay layer, pour another layer and thoroughly tamp.
    A thick layer of heat-saving material, such as slag, sawdust, earth, etc., should be poured over the clay.
    The floor in the bath should be made of tile, lay a tree on top of it so that the tile does not burn the feet. Additionally, to warm the floor is not required. The tile heats up quickly and keeps the heat warm for a long time, so the floor will always be warm.

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