• How to introduce a team?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    January 28, 2013
    How to introduce a team?

    Now, especially among young people, various contests are often held in which teams participate. The relevance of team games and competitions is that there participants can realize themselves, show their talents and skills, and also give a good mood to the audience. Especially popular games in KVN. Sometimes teams are recruited and form themselves, sometimes a team is grouped by a leader. But in both cases, the team should become one for a good game and a great chance of winning. The key to a successful competition is his good organization.

    How to originally represent your team

    Naturally, the first thing the participants should think about the name of their team and how to present the team at the contest in an original and interesting way, present themselves in the best possible light. On how to present a team, you need to work hard, because, first of all, it is, in other words, creating an image for further play.

    After the gathering of a team of like-minded people, think about how you will perform better. It is very good if each player comes up with some kind of role. For example, someone can be intelligent, someone can be a bouncer, someone can be a sex bomb. Think over the phrases that can be spoken throughout the game, and the behavior of the person he will have to adhere to.

    It is better if the team is not too big, so as not to be confused on the stage. And of course, you will need your own sound producer, because music is an integral part of a beautiful performance. This person must cut the corresponding melodies in advance and, for convenience, set them in chronological order. Be sure to think carefully about the name of the team. As the saying goes, "as you call a boat, so it will float." The name should be more or less short, at least indirectly related to the event itself, to correspond to it. It should be interesting, original, perhaps even intriguing. And before you introduce the KVN team, think up a name with a humorous twist.

    When you go on stage to represent your team, try to behave calmly, confidently, with a friendly smile on their faces, which will cause you to trust the audience.Name, demonstrate a pre-made motto and tell about the participants. Use music to make your presentation richer.

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