• How to kill a nerve?

    In a situation where a toothache is simply unbearable, and there is no desire or opportunity to go to a doctor, we suggest using one of the popular ways to kill a nerve.

    Use of arsenic acid

    Popular "wisdom" that poison is put directly into a tooth to destroy a nerve is erroneous. No dentist personally puts the patient’s life at risk. So, open the veil of secrecy: how to kill a nerve in a tooth? To destroy the nerve in the hollow put arsenic acid. In it, the content of toxic substances is minimal, so even if a person swallows a seal, no poisoning will follow. Usually, the dentist places one grain of arsenic paste and leaves it in the tooth for two or three days. That is exactly how much poison is required to kill a nerve. During this period, under the temporary filling there is an unpleasant aching pain. This means the nerve is dying off.

    At home, the main difficulty in “killing” a nerve is to clean the hollow of a sick tooth. The procedure will certainly be painful, so you have to be patient and take a will into a fist.This can be done with a disinfected needle or wire. Then be sure to rinse the oral cavity with an antiseptic solution. Put a grain of pasta in the finished hole (it is sold in pharmacies). Above, there is necessarily something like a temporary filling, it is better to buy a special dental solution in the pharmacy there.

    With this seal, you can go from two days to a week, depending on the paste. In no case is more than the period specified in the instructions, because the acid will destroy the entire tooth!

    If during the experience the pain disappeared, then, most likely, the experience was a success. Now comes the second stage: the removal of the dead nerve. To do this, get rid of the seal and again with a sterile needle or wire pull out the nerve.

    But if the pain has not subsided, but, on the contrary, has increased, or inflammation has appeared on the gums, it is no longer possible to delay in going to the doctor. Most likely, you brought the infection and further aggravated the situation.

    How to kill a dental nerve with a newspaper?

    Truly a folk remedy, but on the Internet there are eyewitness accounts that the method, although not one hundred percent, is still effective.For the experience you will need: alcohol, cotton, black and white newspaper.

    1. By tradition, we are preparing a tooth for execution: we clean the hollow as possible as described above.
    2. Then we take clean medical cotton and pinch a small piece from it — one that could plug a hole in a tooth.
    3. We proceed to the newspaper: we find the passage, covered with black paint as much as possible, and tearing off a piece of it about 5 to 5 cm. We burn this fragment on a sterile surface. You can use a rubbed with alcohol plate.
    4. “Dip” the finished piece of cotton in the soot and lay them a hollow tooth. On top we "seal" with another wad of cotton. The result was a kind of filling.
    5. After 12 hours you can remove it. Keep in mind that during this time you will feel nagging pain or twitching - this zinc contained in soot kills the nerve.
    6. If the pain is gone, the nerve is killed. Go to a doctor to remove it, or try to do it yourself. The first option is safer!

    We talked about the two most effective and proven ways to kill a dental nerve. Craftsmen offer other options. But before you begin to experience, remember, self-treatment is very dangerous! Do not neglect the trip to the dentist, if such an opportunity is still there.

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