• How to kill a man with words?

    Andrey Kim
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    How to kill a man with words?

    We all heard the phrase �You can kill with the word,� and it is quite fair, because careless statements hurt a person�s feelings very much, and moral pain is often more painful than physical. However, sometimes it is simply necessary to fight back. D

    Take a look at how to kill a person with words.

    Weak spots

    It is easiest to kill a person with words, if you know his weak points - hitting the complexes is the most painful. Here the phrase "Who owns the information, he owns the world" is most welcome. You know that a person is experiencing due to excess weight - call him fat, suffering because of problems with girls - remember that. However, we emphasize once again, it�s worthwhile to descend to such behavior only when you are attacked.

    Insults at random

    If you do not know about the weak points of a person, you can act by simple search, using a variety of offensive words. This, of course, is a less effective method of punishing the offender, but there is always a chance that by shooting at random you will be taken.

    Power of words

    The phrase �You can kill with a word� is not really empty words. Let's remember Agatha Christie�s novel �House in the Countryside�: the wife realizes that her husband is going to kill her, and when he leads her to the basement, where the terrible must happen, she informs him that she understood everything for a long time and poured him poison coffee, although she did not. And what happens? The killer is so imbued with these words that, indeed, dies. The power of suggestion? Fear? What killed this man? It is difficult to understand, and this, of course, is an artistic invention, however, cases when a person died because of self-suggestion occurred in real life.

    As you can see, the power of words is incredibly great, so be very careful with them and use offensive words only as a last resort.

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