• How to kiss is not a passion?

    Everybody loves to kiss! You can learn more about how to do this correctly from the article. However, not always passionate French kisses deliver unearthly bliss. Not everyone likes to feel a foreign language in the mouth. Is it possible to kiss without a tongue? And if so, how can you not kiss passionately? Let's try to figure it out.

    Chaste kisses

    The tenderness you feel towards your loved one can be expressed in innocent simple kisses.

    Kiss of innocence

    Compressed lips, extended into a tube, touch the lips of a partner. Pull down for a moment and move back again.

    Kiss of an angel

    Touch the closed, but relaxed lips of your partner's mouth. Hold on. Pull your lips forward a bit and press a little harder.

    Gentle wind

    Blow a little on the lips of a loved one. Now, with barely noticeable touches, kiss your upper lip - from one corner of your mouth to the other. Also kiss the bottom lip. Blow again, so that your breath only slightly tickles your favorite lips, and again cover them with tender touches.

    Fluttering moth

    It's not even one, but a whole flurry of kisses. Touch the closed or slightly parted lips of the neck and shoulders of your counterpart. Kiss his face: forehead, chin, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips. Touch gently, barely perceptibly, as if a butterfly touches a wing.

    Candid Kisses

    If in chaste kisses you can express all your tenderness, then frank kisses will let you feel how intimate your relationship is. A frank kiss can also be gentle or passionate.


    This is a mutual kiss. In this case, the kissing couple has no active and passive partner. Both of you are equally active. What should be a mutual kiss? Touch your lips to each other. First try to repeat the kiss of the angel. Now grab your partner’s lower lip with your lips. He will have nothing left to do but to do the same with your upper lip. Begin to easily suck your vis-a-vis the lower lip. Now swap. Let him kiss your lower lip, and you - his upper lip. Such a kiss is very pleasant and intimate. He can turn into a real passionate kiss, if you want it.

    Tender passion

    Open your mouth and gather the lips of your loved one with your lips. Squeeze them a little and pull them in. Suck your lips, but don't try to open them with your tongue. If you really want to use your tongue, then just spend your tip on the closed lips of the one you are kissing.

    Teasing kiss

    Touch your lips to the corner of your partner's mouth. Several times pull the lips with a tube, alternately strengthening and relieving pressure on the corner of the mouth. Now gently pull in the corner and gently suck it (if you succeed!). Similarly, kiss the second corner of your favorite lips.

    Games of lovers

    This is also quite frank mutual kiss. Alternately touch your lips to the lower and upper lips of the partner. Suck them, gently bite, touch the tip of the tongue to the lips and corners of the mouth of a loved one. Let him do the same with your mouth. Now seize the initiative and start kissing and teasing your vis-a-vis again.

    So you can not kiss passionately. In general, the technician kisses without a language very much. Use the most popular ways that you now know. Experiment and enjoy kisses. Love and kiss for health!

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