• How to knit a scarf?

    The simplest knitted product is a scarf. He can even create a child, having a basic knitting skills. This is one of the necessary items of clothing in the autumn-winter period and a stylish accessory in the summer, depending on which yarn is used in the knitting process. To understand how to knit a scarf does not take much time and effort.

    How to knit a scarf?

    The scarf can be knitted using two knitting needles and any yarn. For warm products suitable wool, acrylic, angora. For the summer scarf - cotton, silk, iris. In accordance with the thread is selected number of spokes. The number of loops is equal to the width of the canvas. Any length is chosen; a classic scarf reaches a meter; a long one can be more than two meters.

    Attention should be paid to the pattern, because it depends on an attractive and original look of this piece of clothing. If you need a way to knit a scarf for beginners, then the front smooth surface is suitable when the rows of facial and back loops are alternately knitted.

    All kinds of gum are very popular: 1X1, 2X2, 3X3. Openwork and relief patterns also give the product a unique look.You can choose a simple knitting, but experiment with colored yarn, combining several shades. Original will look contrasting longitudinal or transverse stripes.

    How to knit a scarf clamp?

    Now at the peak of fashion scarf-collar, it is also called LIC, scarf-pipe. Its difference from the usual is the lack of loose ends, that is, they are stitched together. Such a model can be easily knitted with knitting needles and can be long, wrapped around the neck several times or wide, which is worn over the head.

    For the sleep fit volumetric, embossed patterns. Spits, harnesses, a variety of gum look great. The yarn should be thick, warm, and the needles rather large in size to make the product elastic. The standard tube scarf is 40 cm wide and 60 cm long.

    For knitting, you need to dial the desired number of loops and perform on the selected pattern until you get the desired length. The ends are joined together by an inconspicuous seam.

    How to crochet a scarf?

    With a crochet you can also create a warm winter scarf, but the most successful are openwork, lightweight things from thin, cotton yarn. Such a fashion accessory will complement any outfit, bringing a zest to it.

    To understand how to learn to knit a crochet scarf, you should follow these guidelines:

    1. We collect 64 loops and knit a series of double crochets, make a loop of lifting, turn knitting;
    2. In the second row we make 5 air loops and knit a double crochet in the 4th loop. Repeat until the end of the row;
    3. The third row fits similarly, only the column is made in the central loop of the arch;
    4. The fourth row is as follows: double crochet, 5 double crochets into the next loop, art. s / n in the middle of the arch, 5 v.p. and repeat again;
    5. In the fifth row we alternate 3 c. the item and a column without nakida;
    6. In the sixth century. s / n in each loop. Knit the pattern the necessary number of times.

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