• How to find out the queue in the garden?

    Irina Fateeva
    Irina Fateeva
    March 6, 2013
    How to find out the queue in the garden?

    Not so long ago, it was very easy to identify your child in kindergarten, however, today, to stand in a queue, you must visit the district education department and register there. But with regard to tracking the queue, it can be done on the Internet. Let's look at how to find out the queue in the garden.

    First of all, you must go to the website of the city administration, which is in all regions. You need to go through the registration procedure. After you do this, your username and password should come to your email. Only after that you can log into your personal account and through one of the site services become registered in the electronic queue. When registering on the site, you will receive not only a login and password, but also a special code that will need to be entered when using various services. Without it, you also can not trace their turn to kindergarten.

    If there is no electronic queue in your area today, then you can find out the queue at the kindergarten only at a personal reception.After you will be in the queue, you will receive a special receipt, which will contain the number. Each time submit it when visiting RONO and you will know under what number you are standing in the queue. If you are not advancing in a queue for a long time, perhaps the reason for this was an increase in the number of beneficiary children. In the period from May to August, there is a high probability of a free place in kindergarten.

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